Help me decide between COD 4 and Halo 2


After a failed attempt to play BF2142(stupid cd keys..). I am still looking for a good shooter with a good multiplayer. I have narrowed it down to Call Of Duty 4 and Halo 2 for now. I played the first Halo and really enjoyed it, especially the multiplayer. Is Halo 2 as good as the first? How's the multiplayer? How long will it last me?

I have never played any Call Of Duty's before. The single player looked awfully short on COD 4. How is the multiplayer on it? How long will it keep me busy?

Basically I want the game that will last me the longest and will give me the most bang for the buck.

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  1. I could not even finish Halo2.

    Loved Halo.

    COD4 is great, cannot believe it did not win Game of the year over Crysis.

    Multiplayer is great, and not even the same arena as the POS Halo2.

    Download the demo and try for yourself.
  2. I played the single player of COD4 and loved it...its incredible detail makes up for the shortness. There's really no question here which is the better game...I think it's COD4 by a longshot. Multiplayer kept me playing for a LOOOONG time - it's outstanding. Best multiplayer I've ever played, except for Starcraft (but that's a different genre).
  3. I hated CoD4 SP demo, but I still bought the game, the campaign was alot of fun (just didn't like that mission I guess). Multiplayer is great, until you get into one of those super-crazy-admin-nanny-extreme-realism servers (though some like it there..), where you haft to crouch all the time, never run, always shoot with sights, and ask permission to use UAV/bombs etc to name a few. It's great.
  4. Granite3 said:
    I could not even finish Halo2.

    Why couldn't you finish it?
  5. I just don't want to spend $28-$40 on a game that won't last me at least 6-7 months..

    I used to play Jedi Academy all the time and it never really got boring....
  6. wow at least ask which is better CoD4 or H3. still there is no comparison CoD4 owns all for now at least. =P

    Really CoD4 was my 1st in the series and it hasn't gotten old yet. I actually went out and bought CoD2 just to play it. Its not as good as the revised(I'm guessing) CODE engine in CoD4. But its #3 on xfire's most played list behind WoW and CoD4.

    I played several hours of Halo Custom Ed. and it was janky - engine wise. but that's my 2 pennies.

    go with CoD4 if your computer can handle it.
  7. Hated COD4 on PC - Dont like that style of MP, too awkward for me. SP was horrible i thought.

    Loved Halo 2 (on Xbox) - Guessing PC version might not be that much good tbh, I would stick to xbox version.

    Im sure COD4 will last longer, but not if i had anything to do with it
  8. I assume this is for PC games, or else you would have said Halo 3 (I hope).

    anyway, COD4 pretty much owns everything else right now for multiplayer.
  9. If you're looking for something that is similar to BF2142, then I'd recommend Quake Wars.

    Otherwise, COD4 is better but doesn't have vehicles which IMO is what makes this game NOT perfect.

    Halo 2 is graphically weak but the MP never gets old. (PS: VISTA ONLY)

    If you have a killer rig (and I mean...a KILLER rig), you could try Crysis. The MP is not the best but I play it often simply because the graphics are amazing. It's the best MP looking game available right now.

    I'm in the same situation as you thou(BF fanboy) and I haven't found a good replacement for the series. Hopefully, BF3 will be coming out soon.
  10. actually, if your a hacker, (and i know i say this the whole time) crysis would be great, since they seem to be able to do it on any server they want, punkbuster or not
    anyway, COD4 completely rapes PC halo 2 (and i've tried both), normal or hardcore, admin with an epenis far larger than his real one or not, just DONT DO IT!!!! (with halo i mean)
  11. Well i'd say that COD4 beats H2 REALLY easily, but Halo 3 is about equal to COD4. But this is all opinion really - just get both and see what you like! Heck, it's only like £20-£25 a game which isn't really much at all.

    You could always get Counter Strike: Source or Day of Defeat: Source, both of them games are really cheap off Steam and have given me hour upon hour of fun. CSS is almost 4 years old now and still as fun as it was upon release. Just make sure you find a server with some decent, fun regulars and you'll have a blast.
  12. Quote:
    I assume this is for PC games

    Yes all PC

    If you're looking for something that is similar to BF2142, then I'd recommend Quake Wars.

    I don't really know what BF2142 is like because I couldn't play it at all. It gave me the ''This CD Key has already been registered'' error so I sent it back. And I am running Vista...
  13. quantumsheep said:
    but Halo 3 is about equal to COD4.

    If I had a 360 I would have Halo 3.. I wish they would make a pc version...

    And I would have a 360 if it weren't for all their malfunctions...
  14. physx7 said:
    Why couldn't you finish it?

    It got old fast!.

    Here I am on a new OS (Vista 64) with the DX 10 hype playing a game that looks like it was made back in 2001 for Win 98.

    I had forgotten how much I hated the little jerky creatures that go "woo, ooh" all the time........

    Move to COD4 and BAM, what a difference.

    I also like the more traditional doubletap of the trigger and down goes the foe, not the 20 seconds of trigger squeeze needed to take down anything bigger than a hamster in Halo 2.
  15. Well I have played halo 2 PC and its great (Halo 3 is much better) The MP for halo 2 PC is okay. You have to have a Live Gamertag. If you have a Xbox live gamertag then that works. So if you had a Xbox 360 with xbox live halo 2 PC would be good. (I love playing every now and then and BXR its really hard to play the game with a mouse and keyboard so use a xbox 360 controller. In halo 2 PC there is a little bit of delay from when you shoot to it hitting the person. So it takes some getting used to. I have not played COD 4 for the PC but its great on Xbox 360. So I would say get COD4 because It is a great game. MP is really fun. I just hate how you die so fast. I mean it nice to see a guy, shoot and kill in one or two shots... But I like how in halo how you have a little bit of time to run away or stand and fight or die.

    So the vote goes to COD4. :D
  16. Oh yeah the Xbox 360s are now $299.99 for the 20GB one. So you could gald one and halo 3 :D heres the link,news-1937.html
  17. 100% cod 4.
  18. COD4 for sure. I'm waiting to give Halo 2 a try, but it's still $50 at most places I look, and I would only want to spend 15-20 on it.
  19. Halo 2 on PC is not comparable to CoD4 on PC. The game just feels dated and old in comparison.

    CoD4 all the way if you're looking at a PC Based shooter, the following on this game is huge, if you plan on playing multiplayer online, you'll want a game that actually has a decently sized community.

    Also remember you're comparing a half year old game to a game that's technically 4 years old (now I know the PC version is only about 1.5 years, but its basically a clone of the xbox version). If you have a powerful enough system, halo 2 will seem lacking compared to CoD4 if you can max out the settings.

    Also remember, Halo 2 = Vista only, that might be a deal breaker right there if you're still using XP
  20. Call of Duty 4 no question. Far better game. Halo 2 is johnny average.
  21. I reccomend buying cod1 and cod2 instead for the same price. COD1 has the best single player ive ever played and cod2 has the best multiplayer. IW is crazy to get out of the WW2 setting. I also reccomned the orange box, which gives you 5 games for the price of 1 cod4. there are much better deals than COD4.
  22. I still love CS 1.6 for £5, what a good deal :P

    Source was pretty good, but never bought it. Will do soon.

    Crysis single player good, wait for Crysis Warhead, will run better on system and supposed to have much better MP.

    I just didnt like cod4 lol.
  23. This isn't even a question. COD4 by an avalanche of a landslide of a tsunami.
  24. gears of war
  25. orange box if you don't own it, i choose other
  26. U absolutly cannot go wrong with COD4!!

    I have it and LOVE it. I have already gotton too lvl 55 and got my 2nd gold gun (gold Uzi)

    Get it!!
  27. I've never liked Halo, not even the first one.. I've always loved the COD series, and COD 4 is a bit different from the other series because it is a moderm warfare style now. I'll go for COD4, but that's my opinion
  28. I'll rank the COD's in order from best to worst:
    1. COD1
    2. COD2
    3. COD3
    4. COD4

    I'm starting to see a pattern...
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