Deus Ex 2

Man, I can feel the urge in me for that game. When it comes out I'm gonna BUY it- hell, I'll even upgrade my sys to whatever is necessary to run. Man it looks sooo good, the first one is my favorite game of all time along with halflife. Have any of you seen the graphics and physics in version 2? It's sick. Check it out <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

Hilbert space is a big place.
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  1. What i cant seem to wait for is to see it's story line. It says on the site that its 20years after deusex1 GODDAMNIT what the hell are they goin to show!!!!!!! :D

    My computer NEVER cras...DOH!.
  2. What's cool about the story line is that it has so many alternatives! Deus Ex 1 was pretty nice in that aspect, this is even better.

    Hilbert space is a big place.
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