Why does Activision/Blizzard make sense?

Even after all this time, I haven't figured it out. Can someone enlighten me? I know Activision has alot of good games under it's belt (publishing most of the Quake games, Battlezone, etc). Blizzard on the other hand, takes it's damn sweet time.. the only thing I can think of, is Activision making console games based on Blizzard titles (such as maybe working on SC: Ghost) and of course future new titles.

I just don't really get it. Is it just a money thing? (which most mergers seem to boil down to, monopoly and money, or monopoly money :pt1cable: )
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  1. Mergers don't happen because of what games could become...it's a "money thing". I bought shares with Activision-Blizzard and they keep going up (even if the industry seems to be going down lately). So this merger is good for many things; here's a link that might help you better understand the real game.

    How will it affect the costumers (gamers)? Well, that's not as much of a concern (for the financial market). If you have good statements with a strategic plan that can deliver good financial reports, then stockholders become confident in your doings and it boosts your shares over time.

    These "merger" decisions aren't taken by the producers, they are taken by the board of directors/shareholders/CEO/ETC.

    I'm both in the financial market and a gamer. Financially, it makes sense. As a gamer, I have the same questions as you do. Here's another example of what makes sales go Woo hoo...http://www.bloggingstocks.com/2008/07/16/activision-scores-during-q1-thanks-in-part-to-kung-fu-panda/. Kung Fu Panda is far from being the biggest blockbuster game...but look at the sales and how it boosts the company's statements. That is what drives companies to make such games. It's a little more complicated than that because you also have to target different niches in your market but still.

    Otherwise, could you imagine what kind of game would come out if Valve, Blizzard, Activision, 2k Games, and Codemaster formed a partership to create one game! Wow, crazy eh. I'd love to see that!
  2. Huh?

    Well,in my opinion,it's the EA and the ActivisionBlizzard gaming monopolies.No company gets left out,and if they want to switch their workforce,or if the workers want to do something else,it is MUCH easier,and you don't have to "quit" persay.
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