GRID Demo won't start? problem with exe. HELP!

Hi all,
I downloaded the GIRD Demo from filefront then installed it and I went to click on the exe then a error message says, there's a problem with the exe and has to close. heres a link I found but I couldn't make any sens out of it. could someone tell me how they got it to work? or if any of you know how to fix it that works to.
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  1. system specs would be nice? do u user AVG antvirus? what does the error say? what you have said is quite vauge
  2. my specs are,

    x1950 agp Turbo Edition
    amd 2800+
    1gb of ram
    sound blaster live card

    and I am not using any antivirus or anything because I don't have internet on my personal computer.

    okay, I go and click on the start icon at the desktop screen and then after a few seconds an error comes up and says:

    GRID.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    and then below that it says:

    if you were working on something that information might be lost.

    below that has:

    it's one of those errors that say ''would you like to report the problem to windows'' so I click don't send.
    and every time I do that, that's what happens.

    The main thing is that I wanted to know. how did the people on this link get it to work?
  3. My brother just installed GRID demo and it works fine.

    and also it does the same thing to my demo of Call of Duty 4
    same problem with the .exe same error. unless I put it in safe mode it goes a little longer before it has the error.
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