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No one is probably really interested in rushing, power levelling, and
all that stuff. But I think not too long ago, someone mentioned
something about levelling mules in Hell difficulty, I can't find that
post now. So here goes, my power levelling guide ver. 2, if anyone

Lvl 1-24 full game (mule parking games will do) with a high level
Enchantress, will take at most 1.5 hours
Lvl 24 Normal ancient
Lvl 25-59'ish Hell Chaos Sanctuary runs, in a full game, 8-10 levels
per run, about 5-10 mins per run. Much faster than any Baal runs!
Then do Baal runs as usual.

Too bad West side doesn't do much (if any) Hell CS runs. Our neighbors
at East do this. Ayup, I'm bored and nobody was online, so I was
helping a friend to power levelled his mule in East. He used an orber
(Fireball backup) to clear CS solo in a 8-player game. Geez, I've
never seen Frozen Orb that powerful, loaded with fancy runewords, tons
of facets, and GC's, her orb did well over 700 damage. Add in Cold
Mastery and her merc's green feet, I'd say in your face Hammerheads!
Uh, next time I'm online, I'll login with his account and see what
equipments he puts on her.
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    Perhaps a clarification. The CS runs that I participated with was in
    Hell difficulty, with a no-gear character, no skill/attributes added.
    Level 25 is the minimum level I was told, in one run - started with 5
    players then get filled up to 8 players later, he gained 9 levels, how
    many levels can you get from same amount of time by doing Normal Baal
    runs at level 25 (appx. 8-10 mins, Diablo is not killed)?

    And here is the sorcie's gears as I remember them:
    33/-5 Fathom (CtA on switch)
    20/-5 Nightwings
    20/-30 Monarch
    29% Mara
    2x SoJ
    5 Cold GC (5 more Cold GC in stash)
    5 Fire GC

    Max FO, lvl 12 or so hard point CM, Max FB, max/close to max FireBolt,
    1 hard point FM.

    With 10 Cold GC, the FO damage is in the upper 1100. D'oh.

    Merc wears Eth Infinity Giant Thresher, eth CoH Shroud, Andy's Visage.
    Lvl 16 green feet. Double d'oh.
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    LineNoise wrote:

    > The biggest problem is getting a 25 character to Hell CS. This
    requires a
    > fairly significant tweak to get past NM Ancients. (I've created a
    level 1
    > Patriarch before. It can be done. 1.10 makes it a lot harder.)

    That is the beauty, one does not need a single equipment to go to Hell
    at level 1 (read posts by others regarding forge rush). As a matter of
    fact, the mule that I drove was naked, with all skills and attributes

    > You also have to worry about staying within range of the killing
    sorc. The
    > range for xp from kills is fairly short, from what I remember. This
    > made trivial by throne runs, because the rushees never have to leave
    the tp
    > that I throw down.

    2 screens, and it's not hard at all staying close to the lead sorcie.
    Orb pierces thru everything except OK's in CS, so the sorcie needed to
    stop for few seconds to Fireball them.
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    On that special day, Dalai Lama, (daiailamaSPAM@aol.com) said...

    > Hmm, join party, wait for Baal kill while in Harragoth, move on to
    > next difficulty?

    Only if a Baal novice created the game.

    Gabriele Neukam


    Ah, Information. A property, too valuable these days, to give it away,
    just so, at no cost.
  4. Archived from groups: alt.games.diablo (More info?)

    > Getting as far as NM forge is truly easy, even *I* can do it with my
    > meteor sorc. Problems start in NM CS with all the fire immunes. I think
    > next ladder I shall be terribly boring and start with the Meteorb, and do
    > forge rushes repeatedly. And the most tedious part has always been act 2,
    > with all the bloody parts required, and so many potentially deadly
    > situations for mules.

    There's a solution for that. Create 3 characters StaffNormal, StaffNM,
    and StaffHell. Rush them all the way to the portal, open it and then exit.
    When ever you want to rush a character through act II, create the game with
    the appropriate staffer. Have the rushee join and remember the tomb symbol.
    Now exit with the staffer and join with the rusher and slay Duriel as
    he/she/it so rightly deserves and you're through.

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