Blu-ray wont play " Avatar" on ASUS k52jrx4 i can play other b-rays please help

I cant get my b-ray 2 play Avatar I can play others please help.
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  1. might have to do with copyright...they might set it to prevent playing on computers...

    try playing it on a bluray player (like those dedicated ones with those red yellow and white plugs at the back, not computers)
  2. Thanks for the heads up i think youre onto something there ill try to find out if thats true ang follow up with what i find.
  3. It's a copyright problem; However you still should be able to play on a Computer. It's normally a problem with the Blu-ray software, you need the latest updates to your blu-ray program. Not sure what you are using - I have cyberlink's on two desktops and total theatre on 2 laptops. (all four have blue-ray drives, desktops are recorders while laptops are Blu-ray rom/DVD-rw drives.

    A second option is to install Anydvd. I bought that and have it install on my older desktop (E6400). It removes the copy protection before it gets to the player software. The are very good with updates for this problem. It's about 75 quid w/2yr subscrition. I got mine with lifetime subscrition (the were getting ready to go the route of annual fee).
  4. avatar is notorious for causing problems with bluray drives/players. look for updated firmware for your drive
  5. If all else fails download ANYDVD HD
  6. When PowerDVD cannot play Blu-Ray movies, try to update the program to latest version. If update cannot solve the problem, you can other outstanding blu-ray player:
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