Mouse problems in Counterstrike

Ok I've got a random one for ya.

In Counterstrike 1.6 my mouse sticks constantly when I am looking around. It only occurs if I am holding down 'a or 'd' while looking around, and it sticks/chops across the screen, barely moving at all.
It also does not do this in any other games, like it works fine in tf2.

I have tried switching mice. No dice.
I have tried switching keyboards. No dice.
I have uninstalled+reinstalled cs. No dice.
I have tried uninstalling+reinstalling the drivers for both the mouse and keyboard. No dice.

Here's the kicker, it works fine on single player.
Please help me.
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  1. It's a sign that you should upgrade to Source.
  2. theres a strafe option you need to turn on/off i wish i had it installed still.... i totally know what ur talking about though. just look through all the options, it might be in an advanced menu.

    and source is ****.
  3. I'm sorry Hallubalooza, but source is many things other than ****, (assuming you were referring to that which comes out one's rear) since it is one of the most stable, low requirement game engines that currently exists, seriously, even my 2 year old budget-when-new laptop can run some source games
  4. Yea I don't know about this strafe option. I don't see it anywhere in settings, even in advanced.
  5. CSS its teh winage tmp in the face winnar yeoooo_immune.cfg
  6. OMG I HAVE THE EXACT problem like when i dont move like use wasd and move my mouse its fine but when i move my character my mouse freezes! and its only in cs not enywhere else!! :o i need help! :hello:
  7. it might be your graphics card not working properly
  8. i have the same problem :( my mx518 will freeze for 0.5 sec or 1 sec and that is only in cs 1.6
  9. is it happening only in multiplayer rounds? or also in single player if multiplayer dan ur connection is bad
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