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Hi i'v got a prob with a pc i'v just built:

Firsty i had bought the GA-7VAXP mobo and had a XP2000 in it. It ran well i partitioned the hard drive and put in Win ME, But as i was installing the Sound card it crashed :( .
Then my pc did not boot ever again, I suspected the mobo to be the prob so i returned the mobo for a later model GA-7VRXP, thinking it was the new board that had bugs, i proceeded to install everything again the processor and ram. I had everything in then i turned it on again.

It didn't boot up again, now i know this ain't a mobo prob now but can it be i'v checked the Graphics card and that works, The HDD is booting, There are several beeps in the beginning but not the normal beep which indicates bios failure. Its just a series of beep which came up on the mobo i had before :((. Can ne1 help me .
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  1. I don't have the answer, but I just posted about the exact same thing. I have the Gigabyte GA-7VAXP motherboard too and, like you, got my rig installed fine. Then while I was beginning to install the rest of my hardware it experienced a fatar error and would not let me boot up. I tried reinstalling Windows, but it won't even get beyond the blue windows setup screen. I have since received replacement RAM and another CPU, but the same thing happens. I'm beginning to think it's my motherboard. But another fear is that everything is somehow being fried by my power supply. I'd hate to think that the CPU, RAM, etc. are being destroyed. Good luck.
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