E3 08: Texas Governor Courts Game Developers

Article by Devin Connors

Texas Governor Rick Perry gave the keynote speech at this year's E3, and he made a case for game developers and publishers to bring their business to the Lone Star State.

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  1. I'm a resident of Austin, TX. I couldn't see myself living anywhere else. Texas does have some big names in gaming, like ID Software. One thing the governor forgot to add, was the girls are hot too ;)

    Climate wise Texas is awesome for those that sit behind a computer (be it a career, hobby or whatever) because it does get fairly hot here during the summer, and sometimes a mild winter is nice... I've never had to shovel snow in my life! :D
  2. Yup yup, I live in Houston and I agree that Texas is a nice place to be, esp the Austin, San Antonia and Dallas areas. Houston is a bit polluted but there are tons of money here because of the petrochem industry.
  3. Kinda interesting.. a politician courting devs? He must be the opposite of Thompson..

    And damn you for mentionning snow.. we've had our worse this year probably on record (2-3 major storms a week). My coworker's bro came up from Austin (or the area) during the winter, first time his kids seen snow (who are I think around 5), they loved it though.
  4. I sure love Austin. Don't think I will live in any where else in Texas. As for honorable Governor, Rick Perry, I think "honorable" is a typo. It should be "horrible".
  5. vinnywong said:
    It should be "horrible".

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