FS/FT Logitech Driving Force GT, MX3200, 8400 GS, TONS OF CASE BADGES,

Welcome to r1p5aw's bazaar. All items are for sale/trade and all ideas for trade are welcome. Example: WC parts, high CFM fans, heatsinks, cases, etc

PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO CONUS (US 48) and I will accept paypal only

This thread will be updated daily as I have more to sell and will update as things are bought

In addition to these items I have a ton of case badges for sale HERE

Logitech Driving Force GT Race wheel + Pedals + Dirt2 Steam Coupon ($40 value) $95 shipped,en
This was very, very lightly used and is now up for grabs for cheap.

Antec Silver Thermal Compound Unused $9.50 shipped

Crossfire Bridge-Never used in box $8 shipped

Far Cry2 Hard Disk with code never played $12 shipped


18' Blue Rope Light. Open to test, never used. $15 shipped



Logitech MX3200 Laser Cordless Desktop. Keyboard + Mouse + USB Reciever + Box + Batteries Included
GeForce 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI

I will update this as much as possible and add more items in time amd Remember all trade ideas welcome :)
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  1. Case badges $2.50 each shipped via USPS

    If you want several we can work out a deal :wahoo:
    1 x Intel c2q
    1 x Intel c2d
    8 x Fueled by sapphire ATI
    3 x powered by Patriot Memory
    1 x powered by Corsair
    3 x enhanced by OCZ
    1 x Mushkin enhanced
    4 x white CyberPower
    2 x powered by Corsair (round sticker)
    1 x CoolerGuys
    5 x black CyberPower
    4 x Xtrac
    6 x Noctua (quality sticker badges)
    6 x Zotac
    3 x Patriot memory (small)

  2. interesting. Tell me more about the fans
  3. @r1pSaw

    I'll buy the Logitech MX3200 Laser, I PMed you, did you received the PM?
  4. replied :)
  5. mx 3200 sold. Would really love to trade for a nice full-tower or some good fans (need 3)
  6. Not for the lot

    but if your really interested we can figure something out :hello:
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