Supreme Commander [ GPGnet is a shambles ]

Hi All,

I use to be the biggest SupCom fan out there. Asolutely loved every aspect of the game and upgraded my pc to a point where it would run flawlessly even at a massive pitched 8 player battle ( well good enough :) ).

Now, im just going to put this out there...

Is it just me - or is the GPGNet online multiplayer the ABSOLUTE F***ING WORST EXCUSE FOR A PIECE OF SH*T server that you have ever had the misfortune of using!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Eventually even I had to just give up - and i am pretty persistant.

I have an incredible, clean broadband connection and i have never known dropping or lag spikes etc.
All my ports are set and clear and i have no conflicting firewalls or P2P or P2P blockers etc when running GPGNet.
It ALWAYS crashes or says im already logged in - in fact it is just a complete shambles. If you are having a lucky day you can get a game in a good 10mins. Apart from that you can wait 30mins upwards just to connect correctly.

I have tested this on mates PC's too with the same results. How could this have been demo'd and released as a viable online server capable of inspiring use???

Please someone else agree with me so we can commiserate about how totally crap GPGnet is! :pfff:

Dissapointed ( it ruins such a truly fantastic, pioneering large scale RTS )
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  1. Did you play the game when it first came out? So many crashes, problems, first they removed the cd requirements with a patch, then had to patch nvidia cards because they kept BSOD'ing on multiplayer games.. it happened to me about 1/4 of the time.

    Did they ever get the nvidia cards to render shields properly?

    The way it's meant to be crashed..
  2. Ye - the shields got patched up and eventually looked pretty good.
    I did play when it first came out. I gave up very after a few months.
    I stated playing again when the add on came out but the online is just as crap.... :(
  3. I might fire it up again sometime.. I never did finish the SP.
  4. actually, nowadays is probably the time technology has more or less caught up, since a lot of people have dual cores, and the software is reasonably non bugged, the only trouble I have is that sometimes I get unexplained spikes in my ping, which can ruin a game completely (although wierdly sometimes if i just ignore it, it goes away again :S)
  5. Yeah, i just installed Supreme commander Forged alliance, and, first of all the official website is absolutely useless.

    It doesnt give you the patches, nor does it give you any information on where to download them.

    So i have to use this **** thing called GPGnet which sucks ass. It lags the F*** out of my PC while it patches. Even the mouse doesn't move smoothly and it takes forever.

    (come on! even old ass games like Diablo 2 and Halo PC have the game itself patch itself once connected to the online, no need for some stupid GPGnet POS)

    Then i see theres only 300 people IN THE WORLD playing this game, no wonder nobody plays it, because they cant stand GPGnet. Whatever, I dont care because I am just using Himachi to play with my friends in a battle of 3 or 4 against AI

    But i have to somehow tie in my CD key for Supreme Commander with my CD key for Forged Alliance, so i can play all factions, otherwise it will only let you play one faction.

    it's not simple to enter your CD key. If you dont have the supremecommander installed, you have to open up notepad, create a file called SupremeCommander.txt, then rename it to .exe instaed of .txt

    Then u have to go into some tools menu and manage your games, and you browse for the fake exe file and then it will add an icon at the bottom of GPGnet, but the icon dodent show up, so u have to log out and log back in, and then u can enter the CD key.

    Basically, the game is GREAT, but GPGnet is f***ing awful and it sucks balls and it kills the experience... not to mention its buggy as hell and ita gay.

    the worst part is, GPGnet could easily be replaced by a better website that lets you manage your CD keys right from the website, and download patches from the website (or just have the game itself patch when it connects to the internet). No need for GPGnet. I hope Supreme Commander 2 DOESNT USE GPGNET FOR GOD SAKE. Does anyone know does supreme commander 2 use GPGnet?
  6. All i want to do is play Supreme Commander online but cant because GPGnet is the biggest pile of s**t ever, its completely spoiling the game for me. No wonder hardly anyones online, they cant get online!!!!!!!

    Plus what the f***s going on with Supreme commander 2 its bad enough DOW 2 was screwed over now Relic have to f**k us over with Supreme commander 2!!!!!!!!!!!

    Crappy looking units, smaller cap , no tech 1,2,3, slower unit production and crappy goes on :fou:

    Please star craft 2 dont let relic be involved in you, they will r**e you, make you s**t

    Sequels should not dissapoint (only films :D)
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