E3 08: Crysis Warhead Hands-On Preview

Preview by Devin Connors

Crytek showed off its upcoming expansion title Crysis: Warhead at E3 this week, and the developer says the game will be much easier on PC hardware than the original Crysis. Tom's Games takes Warhead for a spin.

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  1. That would be great if we could get a game that looked as good as Crysis but had lower requirements..

    Good article..
  2. Quote:
    Warhead now looks just as good as the original, uses the same (but slightly tweaked) engine, and can run on high using an 8800GT.

    High is no problem for my 8800GT at 1440x900, it's very high that does the damage. And the FPS drop is justified; very high truly puts Crysis in a league of its own.

    As for the gameplay, more Crysis = more good as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Any news on if it uses 4 cores better? I'm still not quite ready to upgrade from my old G80 8800GTS 640, but if it can use all of my Q6600 I'll definitely be good.
  4. Nice to see they cleaned up the code.
  5. Same gameplay is a bad thing. I just did not like Crysis' gameplay at all. In theory it sounds great, but actually playing it, it was dull and boring. The graphics weren't the problem at all and I think it would've played fine on older systems if people actually lowered their settings, but everyone wanted to play it on the highest settings even if their computer couldn't handle it.

    Anyways, back to my point... the original just did not feel right all the way around. The suit controls were overpowered. Stealth, kill, stealth, kill. Sure, you could go out of your way to make it more challenging, but it still wasn't as satisfying as Far Cry. Plus, the guns felt extremely underpowered which made it all the more lame when they could take down trees. And the game lacked any blood or dead body manipulation. For a game that's striving to be realistic, those two things stuck out like a sore thumb. And houses felt like they were made from a deck of cards. You could run into a wall and the house would start to fall apart. So the graphics were the least of the problems, in my opinion. The graphics and steep requirements were probably its biggest draw.

    But the biggest problems were probably the short and linear levels. It wasn't as long as Far Cry and it wasn't as expansive, and the cliffhanger ending sucked. And I really hated the aliens. Maybe I just hate squid things. I even hated the Matrix squid things.

    I liked the different weapon attachments and customizing your guns and of course the graphics but that's about it. I'm more interested in Far Cry 2 right now.
  6. ^Those are all valid complaints, especially the one about guns being underpowered. This was improved upon in the 1.2 patch and things are much better now. At least it doesn't take half a clip to take down the grunts like it used to. A nice "thump" sound has also been added when your shots connect, which is quite handy indeed.
  7. Rob (Devin who wrote it) when you say "high" settings, do you mean "high" or "very high", I was under the impression that a core 2 e6750, 8800Gt, etc could play the game on "high" (the system mentioned also uses 2.5GB ram).

    I play on "very high" (no AA/AF) with a q6600, 2gb ddr2 667, 9800GTX, etc, but with only 25-30 fps outdoors.

    Online co-op would be great.. I don't think anyone's really got the AI to work in multi, i've seen one mod, but it was just zombies..
  8. the link is broken?
  9. I've seen the videos from E3 and the game is Crysis. I don't know what system they were playing on but it ran quite smoothly.

    IMO, Crysis was already "way advanced" so no big tweaks are required. Like many, I just want to continue where Crysis left off. I do find it weird/ackward/bizarre to play as Psycho thou.

    Hopefully, Warhead is as long (if not longer) than Crysis.
  10. Maxor127 said:
    S The suit controls were overpowered. Stealth, kill, stealth, kill. Sure, you could go out of your way to make it more challenging, but it still wasn't as satisfying as Far Cry.

    I actually found the suit underpowered with a very weak strength mode, short speed mode, short cloak mode and very low hp.
  11. 8800GT on high at what resolution though?
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