Anyone looking for RPG entertainment? Suggestion...

You all should try Mount and Blade from taleworlds. It is a flashback to oldschool RPG goodness with an excellent Action/Medievel War element. I am completely addicted.

The game is only in beta at this stage, but the Free Demo shows you most of the game, and you can even buy an early version for less than the full version will cost, with the option of upgrading to the full version for free when it comes out.

If you like RPGs/Stradegy or even action, check this out, you will likely enjoy it.
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  1. I second this. While I've only spent a couple hours with this game, they've done an excellent job with the combat system. If they can significantly improve the games inventory/quest menus, they will have an outstanding game on their's to hoping!!
  2. does it look good though... I want a good rpg that actually looks good
  3. The adventure map doesn't look good. The menus do not look good.

    The actual combat action looks quite good. The actual gameplay is the most technically innovative video game ever made. It needs to be studied, cloned, redone, and refined by everyone.

    It desperately needs polish, but boy it does have gameplay. I am completely hooked. I have no intentions to play any other games for quite a while. Everyone needs to know about this game so it will be cloned.

    note: Everyone I have showed this game to has become hooked. Even the pickiest player I know liked it.
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