Crysis totally lame

Dude, the graphics may be awesome and all but this is just a souped up Far Cry. Give me the "poorer" but far more realistic graphics of COD4 anyday. I actually feel like I'm in some craphole Middle Eastern City.

Crysis - again with the aliens. I absolutely hated those missions inside the mountain/alien ship. Sheesh. And I hated the boss level on the aircraft carrier. They're good for a "wow" effect but c'mon man, I want realism not organic alien hooey. I don't understand why any mature adult would choose fake, twitchy fantasy graphics over realistic urban warfare and fighting real life enemies like muslim fanatic nuts.
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  1. I got Crysis and COD4 and I liked them both. It's hard to compare both games as both games have pros and cons. A lot of people seem to like COD4 better (or much better) than Crysis... and obviously, you're entitled to your opinion.

    However, I don't understand why people say that Crysis is the lamest game ever...really? I like Crysis and found the game quite enjoyable. It's not COD4 but it's still one of the greatest games of 2007 IMO.

    So, enjoy COD4 but why bash Crysis in the process?
  2. ^ agreed, and crysis doubles as a benchmark (and also, the MP is a competitor for the most casual MP game ever)
  3. Yes, you're just jumping on the 'bandwagon of hate' by dissing Crysis. It really is a good game. Perhaps not revolutionary, but very good nonetheless. (And it has awesome graphics to boot!). Was it really necessary for you to start a thread titled "Crysis Totally Lame?" :pfff: :pfff:

    Oh well...perhaps i've been trolled... :sarcastic:
  4. its like comparing apples to oranges.... don't compare them... they are completely different games... I liked both games... both VERY different styles of gameplay... and I loved the story in both to...

    an added bonus to crysis being a good game is... as spuddyt said... is its a benchmark =D
  5. I bought crysis first, then got COD4. Completed COD4 before i finished crysis. That annoyed me.

    Crysis was a new experience to me, I could do what i want. The weapons and their feel is much nicer than COD, i thought the weapons were so vaguely thought out, i love the add on menu in crysis. The suit powers are fun, and being able to react with the environment in almost any way is also fun. COD felt VERY linera, almost as if they had to add respawning enemies just to extend the game. How many terrorists can you seriously expect to jump over a fence?

    COD graphics are smooth, but obviously not on a par with crysis. Thought storyline on crysis was obvious but not bad, cod4 was confusing but not bad. Generally i think COD is overhyped to the max.
  6. i played Crysis (only the demo) and i bought CoD4. yeah CoD4 was short (very) and yeah i havent played but only 45 mins of a demo. but matter of fact Crysis is still not that great. but thats just me. personally i hate futuristic games(including BF2142) well i take that back i hate all futuristic games except the Unreal series(i grew up on them) and I also heard that there is alot of hacking in Crysis.....BOOOOOOOO!!!!!! i mean who what to be killed by a aimbotter or a waller?(dont get me wrong CoD4 aint much better) not me. this thread is pointless none the less and should be deleted.

    Crysis could be considered a benchmark game but in a few years when all the next of the next gen systems come out its still gonna feel like i was playing Wolf 3d on my ol' Tandy T1000. all and all Crysis is not that great. i dont see what all that hype about it is.


    nah ill pass. really to me that gfx look cartoonish and unrealistic. CoD4 is that much better but the all round feel of the game is realistic. the more and more i get tried of it the more and more i play it for some reason. really someone need to put a gun to the CEO's head and make him rape the devs that made Crysis and then take him out back and say 'i luv your game' b4 u shoot him in the head. but hey that my 2 pennies on it.

    and to all the bashers, trollers, and w/e else u call yourself stop right there cause your gay ne-way for trying to pick a fight over the internet. point blank period. so quote me sue me or shoot me. i can talk about information logistics(or facts) all day.
  7. Personally I hate Crysis with a passion. The graphics are stunning, no doubt about it, and I don't fault the game for making me turn down the settings (even though I did put them up max just for those 3-4 fps of 'oooo shiny' every now and then).

    My main problem with it, though, is how it changes in feel from start to finish.

    At the start you have this huge open area and it feels like you can go off and explore for a while before coming back to move on with the story which is something I loved. Unfortunately... the areas just got tighter as the game went on almost to the point of being 1-way corridores.

    That's what makes me hate it so much, it gets your expectations up so high in the first level that by the time you've finished it you start to think you were wrong in thinking the start was so much more open. Restart the game, it was. Seems almost like they got a totally different level designer in about 1/3 of the way through the game, didn't show him/her a single shot of the earlier levels or tell him/her what the earlier levels were like.

    Also in response to spook24
    You're going to get hacking whatever game you play. Don't single out a game as bad because there are hackers, otherwise you'll never play a game that has a multiplayer element. Crysis has hackers, CoD4 has hackers, Counterstrike has hackers, in fact Hello Kitty Online probably has hackers too. That's just the nature of the internet, if there's an exploit that can be abused, somebody out there who hates the idea of fair competition, or somebody else just being better at the game, will abuse it as much as possible.
  8. i didn't single out Crysis what i said was 'don't get me wrong CoD4 isn't much better' and there's a Hello Kitty Online? that's news to me i thought it was just a Asian icon thingy(!?!?!?!?!)i don't know much, if anything about MP Crysis and i don't care to neither. like i said ill pass. hacking in game is a given in any PC multi-player based game. i had hack for Conquer Online when i played it a year ago. but that's a whole different story.
  9. Crysis is a good game, its not a perfect 10 - but what game is a perfect 10?

    Anyone can pick apart something to find its flaws. If you really want to complain about something in Crysis than complain about the AI - but that is a universal complaint for pretty much any FPS.
  10. I like both cod4 and Crysis (yes it is possible) but I think Crysis should be applauded for its new engine.
    I wonder how many times IW will rehash the Quake3 engine?
  11. I found both games pretty boring (COD4 too linear)
    but Crysis has NO appeal other than graphics eye candy...

    ps I am old tho... Crysis is a kiddies game
  12. call of duty sucks you need no skill to play that game its a giant spray fest just point and click and hold the button down until the guy dies. crysis ai and graphics better then any game ive played, especially cod4 i own both and hate cod4, story is good but took me like 6 hours to beat on hard so yeah dont bash crysis cod4 has way more bad things then it
  13. actually COD4 needs a lot of skill on higher difficulty (or at least the talent of not charging in and expecting bunnyhoppping to work on AI :p)
    for me, crysis did take a Major turn for the worse from the moment zero g started
  14. I agree with OP, Crysis isn't actually that satisfying, but CoD4 is far too short, but much better, but also has a few flaws. Stupid 360 discs crippling games.
  15. im talking about online cod4 its lame
  16. I play games for the solid fact that they aren't about real life...Real Life games are for Fat people and alcoholics who just like to sit in all day..insted of actually doing what people do every day.
  17. DB4S ... you never played at launch... at launch in hard core mode.... it was only pros... and it was great fun...

    but now all the noobs think they are pro and go to the hard core servers... so now both modes suck...

    but yeah it was fun... until all the noobs learned all the noobish ways
  18. I have and like both games but i have to say that COD4 is much better. I played through both games multiple times and the playable graphics settings at 1920x1200 with my system (below) are MAX with no AA for COD4 and Mix medium/low for CRYSIS. they are so low for crysis because i want a minimum frame rate of 60fps so i have fluid gameplay. so at the setting required to get those frames COD4 actually has better graphics! (YES Crysis looks much better then COD at MAX with a little AA but 16 FPS isnt playable)
    Also Crysis has more glitches then any other game i have played. I mean come on after all these patches i still can throw flower pots into outer space and i get Zombie koreans on quick saves. there are still more but you get the point. I played through COD4 single player many times and never found 1 glitch (although online players have found several).
    Crysis may have lived up to its hype if it went through a lot more testing and the graphics engine was a little nicer to high-end rigs.
  19. Crysis has had 3 patches

    COD4 has had 7
  20. crysis was supposed to have 4... but hey ditched it and turned it into crysis Warhead... so now we are paying for a patch... with a little bit more...

    kind of annoying... although i'll still get it so I guess it worked lol
  21. lol I loved both games, and CoD 4 I liked more, but anyone who picks up either title looking for realism...well I dont even know what to say about that. Neither was realistic and neither claimed to be. You want realism? Go pick up a Tom Clancy or SWAT game...there is your realism.


  22. Wasn't all that hot on Crysis, it's ok. I like pretty much every other FPS I have more though, Timeshift sucks though :P

    I guess I just like linear shooters more, even though I thought Crysis wasn't as open ended as a lot of people make it sound like, STALKER was far more open ended. I think Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 will also be much more open ended.
  23. it is what it is , when it comes down to it most of the games are good , crysis cod4 , bioshock , doom , ect. I enjoy them all !
  24. Honestly Crysis certainly isnt the worst game but it is a one trick pony. It does without a doubt have the finest graphics yet in the gaming world. The problem is that you have to have a monster rig to max it out. Other than that, the game is very mediocre and forgettable.

    I find COD4 much more fulfilling to play generally. The single player is the weak point in my opinion but the multi player is where the gold is. On top of that COD4s graphics are certainly just a half notch under crysis and isnt a system killer. In reality COD4 will look better than Crysis when playing the game at the settings you can actually handle.

    Of course for what its worth, I still think counter strike is the premier fps
  25. I really wish I understood why COD4 is constantly mentioned in almost every Crysis thread I read. This comparison is especially irritating when Crysis is dismissed as a "souped up Far Cry" even though COD4 contains most of the same dated gameplay concepts, and development flaws, that existed way back when the team made the first Medal of Honor game.
  26. Man, talk about floggin' a dead horse....
  27. jwl3 said:
    Dude, the graphics may be awesome and all but this is just a souped up Far Cry. Give me the "poorer" but far more realistic graphics of COD4 anyday. I actually feel like I'm in some craphole Middle Eastern City.

    Crysis - again with the aliens. I absolutely hated those missions inside the mountain/alien ship. Sheesh. And I hated the boss level on the aircraft carrier. They're good for a "wow" effect but c'mon man, I want realism not organic alien hooey. I don't understand why any mature adult would choose fake, twitchy fantasy graphics over realistic urban warfare and fighting real life enemies like muslim fanatic nuts.

    hmmm bill o'reily now posts on Tom's. Who'd of thought it :whistle:
  28. its just a stupid thread... crysis and cod 4 aren't really comparable... its like comparing women...

    eh maybe?
  29. theres going to be lots of games coming out that will be better than crysis in terms of gameplay and possibly graphics with far cry 2 and stalker clear sky that also uses dx10 and CoD5
  30. Agreed - cant see how this kind of hate is very productive at all.

    I didnt really think it was a superb game - and it doesnt really inspire me to want to play it again. But it was a pioneer with the new engine and the graphics and physics are really impressive tbh!

    I think the argument is a little flawed however - its not like the game was advertised as being " the most realistic game you have ever played! ".
    Its a sci fi - and an entertaining one at that. All FPS's usually fall into the linear fashion at stages in games. Its the design of the game unfortuntely - go here and kill this.

    I am however in agreement in that they had a great sandbox with which to play with and they didnt structure the game in an open ended way - which could have been really sweet.

    If you want open ended game play - get STALKER, install the float 32, Oblivion Lost 2.1 and Smarter textures mod packs and i guarentee you will be truly impressed. By far the best fps i have played in the last several years - great story, great dark post apocalyptic atmoshere, good pace and completely open ended. Plus with the newer mods the graphics rivals and beats everything but Crysis on ultra.

    Cant compare COD4 and Crysis - yes they are FPS but the gameplay is inherently different and the engines were designed with different goals in mind. Crysis is only going to expand, grow, evole and become a truly fantastic game engine - the possibilties are going to be amazing. Look at the mech warrior and Jurrasic Park mods ; Crysis is only the beggining...
  31. darthvaderkenneth said:
    theres going to be lots of games coming out that will be better than crysis in terms of gameplay and possibly graphics with far cry 2 and stalker clear sky that also uses dx10 and CoD5

    CoD5 is a console exclusive only game and its made by Treyarch.
  32. I liked Crysis but it did have flaws. But I think many people just bash it because it's the fashionable thing to do. If you say COD4 is too short (I've only played the demo) then why not consider just the pre-alien portion of Crysis in comparing the two. Had they just stuck with killing North Koreans and put more focus on really utilizing all of the Nano-Suits abilities Crysis could have been a really great game. I was pretty pumped when the NK first revealed they had Nano-Suits too. I can imagine some pretty good levels involving using the jungle setting more and the NK AI along with fighting against nano-suit NKs. Imagine a level where your suit gets damaged and you have no/limited powers but have to fight against several NK in fully functioning nano suits. Maybe Warhead has some hope.
  33. spook24 said:
    CoD5 is a console exclusive only game and its made by Treyarch.

    CoD5 is coming to xbox 360, ps3, wii, ds and pc
  34. darthvaderkenneth said:
    CoD5 is coming to xbox 360, ps3, wii, ds and pc

    Just to remove all doubt

    "Platforms: PC, Xbox 360®, Playstation® 3, Wii* and NDS* (*details coming soon)"
  35. Crysis is gorgeous and everything but i still think the engine is more taxing on the hardware than is necessary. Anyone try the Devil May Cry 4 Demo? it has gorgeous graphics too (can't do a exact comparison with crysis) but it runs silky smooth. I could see that engine doing crysis well and using less resources. So Crysis may be the benchmark but i think it's a flawed one.
  36. darthvaderkenneth said:
    CoD5 is coming to xbox 360, ps3, wii, ds and pc

    yeah i was aware of that after I posted. i heard it was for consoles only when i first read about it. that y i said that. thanks
  37. IN response to the DMC4 post....i saw that on PS3, and yes it has nice graphics, bt the facial detail i thought was too cartoony, and it doesnt have to render an open environment, all the backgrounds are pretty much just flat images without any real interaction.

    Not havign a digg at the game, but think about how much crysis actually has to do whilst maintaining good graphics.
  38. I didn't like COD4 that much. I've played all of them, and was disapointed with this one. It was very linear, the story wasn't that great, and overall just wasn't very fun. It seems like after COD1 and 2 they got worse and worse. Crysis, on the other hand, was more enjoyable for me. The graphics are far better, the envoriment is better, the storyline isn't that great either, but it has more replay value. I don't know why COD4 is considered "super realistic". Play a Tom Clancy game, then try and tell me COD4 is super realistic. COD4 felt too "generic shooter" for my taste. I think jwl3 is bitter because he can't run Crysis the way he would like too and so he feels the need to try and spawn hate against it.

    The comments about the Muslims are completely unnecessary in his post.
  39. My only concern with crysis is how you fight the north koreans and then you go inside the mountain and don't see a single on again. It is too quick of a change. Also, that whole no gravity stage was a pain in the rear to work in because all the surroundings were very similar and it was so large. Those are my only two beefs with the game.
  40. I'm old school hating Crysis. People copied me :kaola:

    Giv me TF2 anyday of the week. Crysis has nice graphics and such but the gameplay is bland and in a way repetative. Go any way you want but when being chased by the enemy no matter what way you go they appear. The alien thing is overdone.

    For aliens I prefer the Combine. Easier and is tied to the best ever story in FPS history, HL.
  41. Iv just been playing a custom map in crysis and the graphics are just so beautiful :)

    It really is impressive how good this engine is (may upload images later)
  42. 3Ball said:
    Go pick up a Tom Clancy or SWAT game...there is your realism.

    I picked up Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow. I think that real life would probably be easier than that game...
  43. i absolutely loved has many aspects which make it a great game

    1. a varying range of guns
    2. a varying range of enemies
    3. somewhat opened environments
    4. a huge number of ways to infiltrate an area (snipe all enemies, run and gun, stealth)
    5. decent length (wish it was a little longer)
    6. contrary to what many people think, the AI was pretty good
    (A) what do you want a korean without a nanosuit to do when he sees an american with for backup, which they do
    (B) they work together to find out what is causing disturbances in the nearby bushes (you)
    (C) they occasionally try and flank your position if you are leaving yourself exposed
    7. extremely good graphics
    8. oppurtunities to drive vehicles
    9. background sounds (bugs, animals, ocean)

    and i tend to disagree when people say you need a completely badass system to play the game........all you need is about $300 for a 9800gtx and you can play on all high at 1920x1200 at 28fps through MOST parts of the the later levels it drops down into the high teens and low 20's.

    i agree with tallguy1618 about COD4, though.
    i loved the call of duty series before this latest one. I downloaded the demo and realized that there are about a million enemies in the surrounding grounds. They just kept coming with no end in sight. It seemed like i had to make it to the objective before the waves of enemies stopped. I noticed how the call of duty series was heading in the direction of that type of game, but i didnt think it was going to reach it so soon.

    I thought they might skip a number again for the next game and call it Call of Duty 7, since they totally forgot they didnt make a call of duty 3. lol

    as to whoever said crysis AI was the best he has ever seen, i recommend playing UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 or earlier (**** UT3)
  44. I loved Crysis but hated the feeling of playing half a game at the end lol
    At least with COD4 it was a complete game and ending was cool and sad at the same time. (Always liked the COD games for a good sad moment and the emotional ride is cool)
  45. i'm going to agree w\ the title of the thread.

    i spend $40+ on crysis and got a total of maybe 5-6 hours of only semi-amusing gameplay out of it. wonder if I can get $20 for it on ebay? or if anybody on the forums wants it... $20!
  46. getting a 1600$ pc for a 50$ game that doesn't run too smoothly: Not worth it. Crysis is fun, but it gets booooooooooring just like halo 3....
  47. lol What is it with people who talk about paying x amount on a PC to play z game. Once it's built, it can play every other game, future games, as well as do countless other things. No one would spend money on a PC JUST for 1 game unless they are either rich or retarded.

    Anyway, Crysis. Awesome engine, first half of the game is very enjoyable, some crap parts towards the end (vehicle sections and spaceship) and then a ludicrously arcadey boss fight, but overall an above average shooter that happens to be gorgeous.
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