Duel boot problems?

Ok so my problem is that i want to duel boot win7 and xp but my win7 wont recognise the xp disc to install and i have been playing with it and i have give up whats the best thing to do? have win xp as the first OS installed? but how can i swap the two OS's around and have xp as the only OS installed?
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  1. As far as i know, the older OS has to be installed first. Unless your using 2 seperate Hard Disks, and you put them back on the same MOBO later, and then rewrite the boot file (really, not as bad as it sounds). there is no way to have Win7 and then XP

    besides you really shouldn't need winXP for anything anyways. Win7 is far superior, and any legacy software should be taken care of w/ compatibility mode
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