Odd problem with Logitech Rumblepad2 controller

Nowdays i encounter a strange problem with the controller's axises since i've installed the newest Gaming Software and GamePanel software
I've tried all controller-supportive game and always one of the axis doesn't seem to work. The non-working axis always been the right one, so with the left one to be work, playing was reasonable.
After the updade, now all the games are only responding to the right axis, which mean awfully gaming experience due to the closeness to the 1-4 buttoms (i can't use the the left axis)
All the buttoms work correctly when i check them with calibrating programs.

For example, i'm playing Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4, before the the programs installation the left axis worked correctly(the right remain inactive) while playing and after the installation the right axis is working
I've tried Pinnacle profiler but it seem that the game controller has it "own mind", key mapping doesn't affect it in game.
I tried to install and unistall, both the games and the softwares and the left axis inactiveness still remains.
Is there a method for activating both axieses or at least switching between them?
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  1. You have to disable the "Enable Swap Mode" checkbox.

    Go to Device - Game Controllers - Rumble Pad 2 / Properties - Settings - Uncheck the bloody checkbox (should have not been checked by default IMHO).

    Hopefully that solves it for you. As for me - my battle with RP 2 is still going - trying to bind camera to right analog.
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