Please help! Civilization 3 related,

Hey I have Civ 3 complete. Everything is ready to go and from reading up on forums I just need a no cd crack, or to replace the conq .exe files with other files in order to let me play.
Where can I get it, Or other routes to take, Or?
Can anyone help me with this issue??
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  1. 1. Google.

    2. Civ3 sucks. Civ2 and Civ4 are better.
  2. Why do you need a no-CD crack? My copy runs fine with the CD in the drive.
  3. Based on your post and your other thread:

    It seems you either installed it from a "friend's" CD or you downloaded the "free" version. If that is the case, then you'll have to go somewhere else for help since a public forum like this most likely have a policy against promoting piracy.
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