Unreal Tournament 3...... Must Have? wadda ya think

I was considering buying UT3. I have played the demo and it seems great, looks good and its a good difference from COD4, which i play and love:)

So is it worth buying you think? how is the community? do alot play it?

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  1. its a good game... campaign is crap (as expected)... although I don't think its worth the 30 $ i paid for it....

    also not a lot are online
  2. Well that stinks:(,

    UT seems like it would draw a decent crowd.. no? I kinda think it would be a great fps to play online after some1 had there fill with cod4.
    I love cod4 i just think that the mechanics of ut3 are neat and totally different from cod4.

    I mean i guess how different can fps games online get? not alot i dont think but i would have thought that UT3 would draw a decent fanbase.

    If any1 is a big UT3 fan please chime in, i would like to hear your thoughts on the game.

    Im still 50/50 on whether i should buy the game or not, but i think i will deffinetly buy it at a bargain price:)
  3. UT3 is like all the goodness of older UTs + fantastic graphics.

    Except the menu interface and graphics options is guaranteed to piss off ANYONE who drives their computer in manual.
  4. I agree it's got the graphics, but the "goodness" of the previous games lacks.. well if anyone wants to pick it up.. at the EB games here it's only 10$.
  5. i absolutely love UT3, but there is such a lack of people in the community it is borderline laughable. I really wish there were more, but alas...i digress. I am playing Warsow right now, which is a free FPS. www.warsow.net it isnt as pretty as other games, but if you are looking for a game based on competition then there ya go.

    I am hoping that there is going to be a newer version of UT3 released soon kinda how they did UT2k4 right after 2k3. It was more of a big update, but it was by far better and drew a much larger crowd.

    Also, look for Quake Live which will be a free browser version of quake 3 arena and it should have a strong community with its stat tracking and everything that comes with it. I think it is going to be great for my fave genre of games.

    The genre needs a lift and maybe quake live will do it. Then hopefully the new arena game based off of the tech 5 engine that id has planned will do well and we can enjoy all the pretty graphics and great gameplay that these games offer, and a crowd of people to go with it. lol...one can hope.

    Honestly coming from a huge fan and ex competitive player in the unreal games series. I can say that it is probably not worth the money unless u get it for $20 or less. There are people online, but not much and the servers are all that great. It is still fun from time to time though. Hope this helps.


  6. loved all the UT series but this one. i have been playing them since '98-'99. if you get UT3 and dont like it theres a free mod that in development:


    played all the other tactical ops mods and the original is the best. Tactical Ops Assault on Terror. didnt like the 2nd one too much. and it did get popular for some reason.
  7. It's too much like every other UT. The one prior to it is probably the best if you want lots of people to play with.

    I was never too much into the UT series though. I preferred the Quake series, Q2 CTF was such a blast.
  8. I am (always will be?) a UT fan, from the original Unreal on. I have purchased them all, most on pre-order.

    I find the game itself to be a solid progression from each previous one. Honestly, UT2k3 was the worst of all and 2k4 was a fix of all things broken in it w/ excellent additions by the time the EC version came out. UT3 was a good change in that it was not just a re-skinning of 2k4. Problem for some is that 2k4 was so good that what they seemed to really want was just that.

    IMO it hearkens back to UT99 while keeping some playstyles of 2k4 and adding new aspects and a more diverse teamplay. It is fun. Yes, the sp campaign is laughable... but then each previous version was pretty lame on that as well so no worries.

    Honestly, with all the negative press it got on release and all the ppl moving to consoles it is a true shame that there is not more of a community. The other versions still thrive but for "new" games UT3 has really suffered. Let it be known though, it is not for the lack of a good game as I think it is a ton of fun. The hoverboard added to onslaught (err, warfare) alone was brilliant. The other changes there, the orb etc are perfect additions to the game.

    It is a fast paced and fun addition to the series that is one of the lost gems of PC gaming from the last year. Hopefully more will buy it as it gets cheaper so that the online community will grow and kick Epic in the backside for practically stating that they are backing away from PC gaming. (thereby killing any future sales of said games) But I digress... don't want to go into an anti-console rant.

    basically, get the game. If you enjoyed the demo then you will have fun w/ it, even enjoy botmatches. There are still plenty of online games to get in on, just not as many as there SHOULD be. ;)
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