Mouse glitch in Counter-strike

Ok I've got a random one for ya.

In Counterstrike 1.6 my mouse sticks constantly when I am looking around. It only occurs if I am holding down 'a or 'd' while looking around, and it sticks/chops across the screen, barely moving at all.
It also does not do this in any other games, like it works fine in tf2

I have tried switching mice. No dice.
I have tried switching keyboards. No dice.
I have uninstalled+reinstalled cs. No dice.
I have tried uninstalling+reinstalling the drivers for both the mouse and keyboard. No dice.

Here's the kicker, it works fine on single player.
Please help me.
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  1. is it lag?
  2. lol very odd

    cs 1.6 rocks.

    edit - sorry for the complete lack of help....dont have a clue.
  3. no it aint lag. im thinkin it's some command, but i have no idea what
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