Crysis - a $600 dollar computer near you

I know this isn't a tech issue even though we do get alot of people enquiring about crysis and components they need to run them.

So I dropped into gamespot to see what's coming and sure enough we're getting another crysis!!! I don't know how but they claim it will run fine on a $600 machine. I can't see them backtracking beyond DirectX 9c and yet they claim the game is bigger and faster. Anyhow I'm sure it'll review well and I can't wait. Here's the full interview:
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  1. Old news already discussed in the graphic card forum.
  2. crysis warhead was announced like a month and half a go
  3. This topic has been moved from the section CPU-Components to section Games General by Jake_Barnes
  4. Sorry, was news to me when I read it.
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