Dawn of War 2

2 videos: One is a cgi, the other is gameplay


This game has really good graphics and is a sequel to a really innovative and fun RTS. Why doesn't Second Take even mention this game? It was at E3 and pwns some of the other RTSs they mentioned.
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  1. Not sure. I am looking forward of red alert 3 to an extent, but I am really really looking forward to sc2. I think this is what most people are lookin forward 2. I didnt like the first warhammer, but i may give this one a try if the demo pleases.


  2. I played SC, RA, and CNC series... they were great back then.

    But building harvesters in the back of your base to mine ores and minerals is quite an inferior gameplay element to strategic points. It's hard to go back once you realize how mundane and turtly that is.
  3. oh man, i can't wait! i really liked the first dawn of war game, and company of heroes. anyone know when its coming out?
  4. early 2009?
  5. We would have loved to see some of Dawn of War 2 at this year's E3 but unfortunately we couldn't get a THQ meeting to mesh with our schedule. I really looking forward to some hands-on time with it.

    But that's why we didn't mention it during the E3 Second Take.
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