Which of these games should I start next?

I've been slogging through Neverwinter Nights 2 and I don't think I can finish. I'm at the part where you refurbish the keep; for me it's just too boring. I was only playing through the original campaign to get to Mask of the Betrayer anyway.

I tried Spellforce 2 last night and it looks cool. It's just not what I'm looking for right now (Blizzard probably should sue; the artwork is straight out of WoW)

So I looked at some games I bought in the last year or so (that I haven't really touched).

I have these on STEAM:

Nexus - the Jupiter incident
Space Empires IV
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
Opposing Force/Blue Shift (free when I registered my 10 year old copy of Half Life with Steam)

These are some boxes I bought recently (all very cheaply):

Just Cause
Caeser 4
The Movies
Heroes of Might and Magic V
CivCity Rome
Jade Empire: Special edition

What should I go with? I need something compelling after NWN 2. Or should I just skip to Mask of the Betrayer?

Don't ask me why I buy so many games without playing them. :sarcastic:
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  1. If you want to play something you can get knee deep into go for X3... Nice graphics and a huge universe...
  2. Yeah, X3 was the one I was looking at.

    But I had a little trouble getting into X2 (I still have that game on my HD as well; it doesn't need the CD in the drive to play anymore).
  3. Try stalker, i love it :)
  4. Dude - i absolutely recommend Stalker.

    Before you start the game browse around for a mod that takes your fancy such as the Oblivion Lost mod. There are loads of decent mods and they actually do make the gaming expience a lot more enjoyable that the normal one ( which still rocks but benefits from the odd tweak ).

    Plus Stalker : Clear Sky ( the Prequel ) is coming out in a couple months so you can jump right back into the story line.
  5. If you love Japanese style RPG’s with a bit of an American twist then Jade Empire is a must, I completed that game and loved every minuet of it. I would have played it again if it was not for the fact that I left my old Xbox at one of my X’s house and ever picked it up again.

    Stalker is good, but hard to get deep in to it, fairly scary too.

    X3 is one of those games you have to quit your job and devote your life to, it takes forever to start. But once you do, it’s a sweet game, for a lot more than just it’s story. But sadly I did not have enough time to devote to its needs so I never did complete the story or take over the galaxy.

    The story was not that good anyway.
  6. I really like Prey. Not very long though, but a hell of a ride. I also had trouble getting used to gravity changing in the game.
  7. Oh man, I recommend Stalker with the rest of everybody. I would disagree, too, with how deep you can get into it...it's one of those games I'd play for 3-4 hours in one sitting thinking I'd only been at my computer for one - almost as engrossing as Mass Effect.
  8. If you really enjoyed the original half-life, opposing force and blue shift are pretty good games that wont take to long to beat, and are also interesting. I had a difficult time getting into STALKER for some odd reason, the game was amazing for the 3 hours I played it.
  9. My personal recommendation would be STALKER. While somewhat buggy, it is the best game I've ever played, a good FPS with RPG overtones. Just be certain to download the latest patch before playing. Just bear with it through the first couple of hours; gameplay can be a little frustrating when you only have a pistol and sawn-off shotty. Once you get a scope, it's an amazing game.
  10. Lots of votes for STALKER. I guess I'll have to get into that one.

    Two questions:

    I played it for about an hour or so when I first bought it off of Steam a few months ago and most of that was spent just trying to get the video to work properly.

    Does the Steam version have all of the latest patches?

    How do you turn off the head bob? If I remember correctly it made me seasick.
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