Boosted Computer? help?

Heres the problem. I had this NTLDR error a few days ago which i fixed with a usb stick, i got back into windows and removed some programs then started playing Cs 1.6 (Yes i know old game) I got into a server and i lag for a second the fly across the map.. When i fire guns it shoots insanely fast. Unintended speed hack? It does this for all online games, i tried it for Runescape and it does that.

Help :( :cry: :cry:

Extra info.

I removed Internet explorer 7 since i use firefox :X
I sent a support ticket to steam with no reply yet.

Help :(!
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  1. Come on guys .... I cant play any games...
  2. Thats odd. I don't think the errors are related though.

    But its certainly interesting that the errors across the games are related...

    Ha. I just wrote and deleted potential solutions and then laughed at myself because this is tricky.

    Can you get a FRAPS vid in low-ish quality and upload it?

    1) Is your CPU overclocked?
    2) I take it it didn't do this before the potentially unrelated NTLDR error?
    3) Is it just online games?
    4) How is your internet connection been lately?

    Answer those and get a FRAPS vid of CS 1.6!

  3. Check your video settings for CS and possibly the card settings. If VSync isn't enabled try turning it on. I've seen similiar happen on older games where the hardware used far suprases what's required. It does seem odd though that it would happen in an online game.
  4. 1) Dont know how to over clock it
    2)Worked fine before error
    3) I think so :x Maybe a single player will run fast too.
    4) Im playing on my old computer that lagss..

    Thanks Jon

    Ill turn on vsync and see if it helps.

    Problem.. Whenever i try to play my fraps videos it come up with a error..
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