Some help with 95 game (last resort)

Anyway, had a win95 when I was younger now got a XP laptop and I found an old game (Admiral Sea Battles) that i wanna play again. buuuut it seems installing it onto my XP is hassle and a half.

The problem is that during instilation the first thing it asks is where i wanna install it.
The next button is in grey and so unavailable stopping my instilation because the place where is says available space is followed by a

?? : ??? kb

And it only requires 20,000kb.

What i've tried.

1. Right clicking the setups and asking them to run in 95 - Didnt work
2. Making the space where it instals smaller to try and simulate a smaller hardrive - Didnt work
3. Used to the compatability wizard in help and support to give it a go - Didnt work
4. Downloaded Application Compatability Toolkit to try and get it to analyze it and make any neccesary changes - Didnt work (Note, i have many options in this program that may be the answer but ive tried the logical ones)

Any more suggestions thrown at me would be greatly appreciated because trying to play this game is doing my head in.

Yours. - Scotty Boy
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  1. How small a drive did you try? Win95 would not work with drive over 2Gb. 512Mb would be large back then. If the installer will not run on XP you may be out of luck.

  2. Try Dos Box. Download isntall and have fun !!!

    If that doesnt work, it is going to be a PITA.
  3. Install virtual Win 95 machine
  4. Mike99 - I Tried a 1GB Space.
    rador - Tried Dos Box - "Game Cannot be run in Dos"

    Gonna give the virtual 95 thing a go now.
  5. Recently had a similar problem installing a Windows 95 game in XP and kept receiving an error message that there was not enough memory.

    You can try manually creating a directory of "c:\[game title]" or whatever the default path is for this game installation. Once you've done this, try installing it again - hopefully without the same message appearing.
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