Sapphire 5850, q9550, Mobo, Ram, Logitech Wheel+Pdls and more..

Welcome to r1p5aw's bazaar. All items are for sale/trade (lightly used unless noted!) and all ideas for trade are welcome. Shipping is NOT included in price.

Trades: Hit me up with a 5870!

I accept Paypal.

Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 $275

Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R 775 Motherboard $105 OBO

Intel q9550 e0 Stepping w/ CM GeminII S Cooler + ZEROtherm compound $240 OBO

Danger Den X-Flow Black Ice Xtreme II- Brand New! $40 OBO
I bought this radiator for a specific project and the x-flow type will not fit into the tiny mid-tower I'm working with. Now its up for sale CHEAP!

Case badges $2.50 each

1 x Intel c2q
1 x Intel c2d
8 x Fueled by sapphire ATI
3 x powered by Patriot Memory
1 x powered by Corsair
3 x enhanced by OCZ
1 x Mushkin enhanced
4 x white CyberPower
2 x powered by Corsair (round sticker)
1 x CoolerGuys
5 x black CyberPower
4 x Xtrac
6 x Noctua (quality sticker badges)
6 x Zotac
3 x Patriot memory (small)

Antec Silver Thermal Compound Unused $9

Crossfire Bridge-Never used in box $8

Far Cry2 Hard Disk with code never played $12


18' Blue Rope Light. Open to test, never used. $15

Logitech Driving Force GT Race wheel + Pedals + Dirt2 Steam Coupon ($40 value) $90 OBO,en
This was very, very lightly used and is now up for grabs for cheap.
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  1. some sold, a lot left. make your offers!
  2. a bunch of stuff added!
  3. Those Gskills 4x1gb DDR2 whats the model number for them
  4. Model F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ
  5. is the mobo still for sale? email me at im iterested
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