Elder scrolls 4 Oblivion Crash

Ok so here is the deal, I have had oblivion for awhile and ran it on beautifully on an older machine.
Well now I just built "cheap" machine to see what it could do and here it is:

Intel MOBO
Intel P4 HT 3.0ghz
intel c33224-003 fan
4 GB of ram
ATI HD 2650 gpu, AGP, 512gdd3 pixel shader 4.0
160gb HD
diamond 5.1 surround sound card

Ok so here is my situation.

I installed this tonight after replacing a power supply and I began playing it and during character creation the game crashes, im like ok FTW!!???
so i restart it and it plays for about 20 minutes or so and then crashes again.
Well I run CPU-Z and speed fan and my core temp is 57c running this game, which is about 133f I believe, and I know oblivion is notorious for crashing, but I know that I haven't seen or read about any known issues with the GPU, or mobo,ram, or processor, so I am thinking that its just he CPU's core temp is to high and it causes it to crash every 5 minutes to 15 minutes of actual game play.
So I was thinking would it be possible if I went with a new heatsink and fan that ran higher than 3200rpm and used a better and more stable thermal compound that the reduction in heat will cause the game to crash less often to not at all?
let me here some advice.

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  1. potentially...although 57 degrees celcius doesn't sound too high. You should search intel's website for information on the thermal limits of your processor. Check out this great guide to find out lots more about temperatures:


    Do you have the latest video driver installed? If you installed the one that came with the video card, it may be significantly out of date. Make sure you have the latest video card driver from ATI.

    Also, reinstall the game and install the latest direct x updates from microsoft. Do those things, and if it doesn't work, get back to us and we'lll work from there.
  2. i ran Oblivion on a socket 478 ~ P4 3.0; 2 gigs ram; 7800gs AGP 8x card; and 160 WD EIDE drive. it ran beautifully, with little on no crashes. under load the cpu ran 115-125F(dont know the C of it) in most games Cod4; WiC; Oblivion; CoH; CS:S....etc. it had a after market cooler on it from tigerdirect.com.

    check to make sure you have all the latest driver installed - you know board(including BIOS) gfx; sound; etc... you can download a program called driver magician to check and see if all the driver are up-to-date. thats usually the case - out dated drivers. if not try what rayzor said and reinstall the game and dx9. and get back with us.
  3. So far I have had better luck, I actually got a cpu monitor from intel and it reads alot better than speedfan. and the computer isnt rebooting itself, which is another positive, I think what I am going to do is apply the thermal compound I purchased, its from thermaltake, it cost me 20 bucks for it so it better be good, but anyway, im sure if anything else changes I will let yall know and thanks for all the help.
  4. I ran oblivion on my cheap Best Buy bought pc that i have at the moment and it kept crashing about 20 or so minutes in game, sometimes at the character creation and it took me three weeks with a lot of help but all i ended up doing was disabling my sound card. For some reason all it was was that. I dont know thats what fixed that issue for me.
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