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I've noticed a lot of GFX card reviews are done with Vista Business 64 and not Home Premium 64. Is there a special reason for this to do with performance or special features? If both are 64-bit then surely the performance should be the same?
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  1. Aren't businesses given an evaluation copy of windows vista? so the business edition could be the free thing... and then the sites are being cheap and using it in their test rigs...

    at least that's what i'd do :kaola:
  2. Almost the same... almost neglectable. It comes down to reactivation or something
  3. They normally use enterprise not business, to avoid reactivation problems as they reinstall alot so that they can make all tests in same conditions on a fresh windows install. There should not be any perfomance differences between different versions it is just a features included in different versions. Check out this link to compare features of different versions: Enterprise I think have the same feature set as Business only different activation.
  4. yeah, THG definitely said it was to do with reactivations and reinstalling, since they change hardware and software so much, they dont want to have to phone up M$ every single time (or even every 10 times) they reinstall
    ^I see the grammar police are still at full strength, keep up the good work
  5. If you don't click "activate when I'm online" you get 30 days to enter your code.
    And if you really won't be running a system for more than a few days, why even enter a code?
  6. ^ True, but think of all the reinstalls... painful...

    ^2 I see that Firefox has no grammar functions
  7. For businesses and colleges there is a Corporate Edition (may have been renamed to Enterprise) that gives unlimited installs no activation. Its part of MSDN.

    I used to have a Corporate Edition of XP Pro that never needed activation. That was until the serial number somehow became blocked.
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