Best Gaming Headset under 150.00?

I recently bought a xps1730 laptop and I mainly play warcraft3 and will play sc2. I will be using the headphones at my job for hours at a time so looking for comfort. I've been looking at the sennheiser pc350 but not sure if they worth the money. I don't care if they are 30 bucks or 150 as long as price/quality are good.
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  1. Sennheiser headphones are really high quality and normally very comfortable. I haven't used the pc350s but the pc450s are very comfortable and it looks like they share the same design.

    If you're looking for a smaller solution Sennheiser also make really good in-ear headphones. I'd recommend their old MX150s simply because they're small and you can wear them in bed without them jabbing into your ear when you lie on your side :p

    I was going to recommend the Razer Barracuda HP-1 but it's a 5.1 headset and I don't think your laptop has that many ports :)
  2. i have the microsoft lifechat and i love it, excellent quality mic, and very good speakers, probly not as good as the seinhausser though? ive never used it, but they have a good name in headphones
  3. I have the INLAND 6000 HEADSET. USB and battery case included for the POWER BASS and are AC/DC adaptable, inline volume control, power bass hi/lo/off switch, swivel & bendable MIC for however you wear them and fully adjustable, full soft ear muff coverage, durable (trust me) & ample cord There's always a glitch so here it is: MIC foam can come off with abuse, ouch! a dab of two-way tape and waalah. If you travel alot and have to have Power Bass and use the battery option get good rechargable batteries because I have no idea what juice the Power Bass uses with a laptop if your not AC, you can still have bass just not power bass. Have worn them for numerous hours and have got out of my chair forgetting there were on......there that comfortable. Paid $18 on sale ($24) at ABC Warehouse two years ago and there still perfect. Love em, won't fly without em and I'm NOT a salesman. Google it and check them out! If you can get them locally see if you can bring them back if you don't like them, but you won't unless style is more important. Let us know what ya think & don't let the price fool ya, there not junk! jamesmj
  4. A pair of headphones not worth 150 $
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