Supreme Commander Forged Alliance - Using only one core!

Hey guys, I'm playing supreme commander on this setup...

Q6600 @ 3.5ghz
DDR2 Mushkin 800mhz @ 1168mhz 5-5-5-15
Nvidia 8800gt

This rig should own this game...

When I keep task manager running ajnd go into game and play for a bit then tab back out I can see that core one is being used %100 while the rest are hardly used...

What's up with this?
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  1. There's a program that I found (on gpgnet's forums, made by a member) that makes supcom use multicore (not sure if it works with FA). Can't remember the name of it, worked for me.

    And I assume you have it patched?
  2. I just found that program and it works great!
  3. could you please either link the program page or give me where in the forums you found it plz.

    *Edit: i found it ty anyway
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