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I have a suppose a price range which can include a vast majority of gaming headsets, in which has caused me a hard decision on what is the best gaming headset to buy for under £150 (slightly flexible). I want the headset primarily for pc gaming, however i have an xbox so compatibility with console would be an added bonus, however not necessary. So far i have seen good reviews with the PC 360's from sennheiser, but headsets such as the megaladon from razer and various tritton headesets have also caught my attention, especially as a short term deal from amazon has but the ax pro+ at only £100. Does anyone have any input on what headset is the best/ good value for money?
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  2. hey pro assassin,

    you're right with £150 price range, you have a decent amount of options! I've played with the pc 360's a bit and enjoyed them very much - I definitely don't think you'd be disappointed with that model. The Razer Megalodon is great for gaming, and they've got an external control pod for switching audio setups which is pretty neat.

    However if you game on the xbox then the Tactic 3D Omega may be right down your alley; they're cross-platform compatible with all the big guys = PC, MAC, Xbox, PS3. I purchased a pair 11 months ago and love them, plus it's sick being able to switch from pc to ps3/xbox without taking them off haha. they've got awesome surround sound, 40+ft range (my walls are concrete), the mic is clear and it's detachable, plus the blue glowing awesomeness around the earcups always gets "wooaa"s from my friends :D .

    i hope you're happy with whichever model you end up getting :) game on!

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