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Advice before purchasing Cablesson® SAP-3 Digital to Analog converter?

Last response: in Home Audio
October 26, 2011 7:04:43 PM

Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone had any familiarity with the function of the Cablesson® SAP-3 converter.

Basically, I just bought an X-540 5.1 surround system by Logitech, and like a lemon I didn't think to check there would be an issue using it with my xbox 360 as well as my PC, as this is my first time with a surround setup. Unfortunately it seems it's only an analog device and can't take any non-decoded digital signal other than L and R. So after much researching it turns out I need a digital decoder of some kind to take the digital signal and output it so my speaker system can use it properly. However most of these are very expensive, and the rest are impossible to acquire.

I did find this though, and while it's unlikely I'm sure, I need to know if the SAP-3 will perform the same function as a dolby digital decoder or not. Here's a link to one:

It's a real steal at that price, I read elsewhere that they were in excess of £100 at one point, which would suggest they can perform some advanced function.

Also, I'd appreciate any recommendations on a substitute. I was originally seeking to acquire a DDTS-100 which I know will perform the function I require, but it's merely a legend it seems.

Cheers for any advice.
October 31, 2011 3:05:31 PM

Thanks man that might be exactly what I'm after, however I'm a little unclear as to whether "convert" means the same thing as "decode". I'd be grateful if anyone could clear that up for me, cheers.

Edit: ah no, having checked the reviews, it apparently does not decode, rather just adapt the existing signal to another cable type. Thanks anyway.

Edit2: This actually seems to nail what I'm after, which I only found by looking to the right of the item you linked, so thanks for still helping!
October 31, 2011 3:09:55 PM

Ah, only quickedit works.