Best 2.1 speakers for gaming/music for sround £100

Hi, What are the best (or at least very good) 2.1 speakers for gaming/music for around £100?
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  1. logitech Z623 check it out. It's very good=deep bass and at high volume, there little or no distortion.
  2. i definitely have to disagree with this. yes, logitech does make some good speakers (i own the z-5500) but they're generally pretty poor when it comes to music.

    the best speakers i know of around that price are the klipsch promedia 2.1. they don't have the thundering, LFE quality that speakers specifically geared toward movies/gaming have, but the bass is very deep, tightly controlled, and LOUD (i wouldn't recommend turning the bass higher than the factory default, it's that loud). also, their mid-range is crystal clear and balanced extremely well with the bass and high-range. all that makes for, in my opinion, the best speakers for music (any genre) in its price range.

    i live in the US, so i'm not sure if there would be any price markup (klipsch being a US based company), but here they cost $150 for the wired version, roughly £93 according to google. the wireless version is an extra $50, but they don't sound any better.
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