Best PC gaming/music headset (with mic, pref wireless) for £100 max?

I'm looking for a gaming/music headset for when late at night so i don't wake people up.

half of the time i'm using game sounds from world of warcraft and the other half im listening to music (eg. dub step or music with lots of base)
the absolute most i can spend is £100 maybe a few quid more ofc.
i prefer if the headset is wireless so that i don't have to deal with all the hassle of the wire.
prefer a noise cancelling mic or whatever it's called and if the headphones are noise cancelling so i don't have to listen to other noise in my house.
what can i get for this sort of price that will suit my needs?

thank you very much :)
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  1. I have had good luck with the Razer Carcharias - not wireless but they sound very good and reproduce bass well (especially DubStep) - Can usually be found for ~$50 USD.
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