Win nt os compatible for Intel® Core™2 Duo

Is it possible to install win nt os in Intel® Core™2 Duo MOBO?
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  1. Should work in theory, the CPU is i386 compatable. But...

    you will run into some issues with drivers I'm betting, even if the installation goes smoothly. SATA for one, that may kill your installation plans before you even start. If you do try it, I'd try to use an IDE connection for the boot drive.

    Although I have never seen NT running on a dual core system, so not speaking from experience.
  2. I think that, unless your NT install CD is already at SP6a, you will have problems with the install. In particular you will need to set an option in the BIOS to report the CPUID as 3 or less (if the BIOS allows that option). This is apart from numerous driver issues that you will have.

    I have to wonder why you would want to run such an old, now pretty insecure, OS natively on a modern machine. If you really need it, for some legacy software, consider installing it on a VM running on a more recent version of Windows, or on Linux. And I would strongly advise against connecting such a machine to the Internet.
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