For Sale: AMD Phenom II 720 Black Edition CPU AM3 (£90)

Hi all,
Just a quick thread to say I'm selling my X3 720BE.

It's been a great little chip running stable at 3.6GHz for months.. but I've taken the dive into the 4.0GHz X6 gang and it's time to sell :].

Thanks for looking! :]

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  1. I did ask you to read the rules before posting.
    3. Topic subject must include item summary and price. Subject line must be descriptive of the item, and not require clicking to view the offer (i.e. avoid "best deal today" as the subject).

    5. eBay auction links are not allowed. You are allowed to post items from eBay shops with a buy-now fixed price option.

  2. I do apologise mm. Thanks for removing the ebay link.

    If anyone is interested in this CPU let me know :].
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