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Best desktop for under £500? I have two in mind but can either handle 3d imagin

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December 8, 2011 12:51:37 PM

Since buying my laptop over three years ago I've developed an interest in digital art and 3d modelling programs. I currently use photoshop (and dreamweaver), artrage and i'm about to start tackling unity3d and zbrush. I'm not sure where i'll go from there but i'd like a system that can be upgraded in future rather than starting again from scratch.

I figure desktop is the way to go as i don't have too much money to play with. I'd initially hoped to get a monitor included in the price but now i realize i'll need to save up for one of those in addition to the system (I can get hold of a monitor to borrow in the interim).

After some researching I found the dinopc website and liked the look of the overclocked i5 system but other than the testimonials on the site i know nothing about the company. In contrast my dad (whose bought from, and been pleased with mesh in the past) suggested the other system as an option.

I'm sure they both have their pro's and cons but i'd really appreciate some advise as to what you think or whether you have anything else to recommend?

I tried to set these links up but i'm not sure they're working so sorry if you need to manually highlight them! Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

1. Intel Option

2. AMD Option

December 8, 2011 3:27:07 PM

The Intel one has no graphics card so you would probably have to buy one to get the best from 3D modelling I'd think.

Don't really know much about AMD so can't comment on that. Intel one is good though! If only it had a graphics card!