Can´t downloading from china sony vaio site

I whant to download drivers to Sony Vaio VGN-NW35E_B from China service site, but I can´t do it.
I make a klic on the download arrow, but nothing happening.
Please,can You help me ?

Thanks in advance
Rui Pinedo
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  1. roll mouse to 下载
    select what you want to download
    继续 button is orange at the bottom not green arrow on the top
    select 同意
    and you are good to install
  2. Thanks a lot my dear friend
    It's resolved.
    If You need something:
    Best regards
    Rui pinedo
  3. Dear Pyree,
    I have a problem with the keyboard SONY VAIO VGN-NW35E_B
    I don't know what is the keyboard that has to be one installed so that the characters are correct. Right now I have installed: (Language = Portuguese - Portugal) and (Keyboard = United States-International ). But the characters are changed or not appear at all.
    This problem appeared since I need to replace the HDD.
    Since the start of the installation of Windows 7 that the keyboard problem happens and it hinders the inclusion of characters during the installation phases as well you need to write something.
    The best would be to have the original installation disc of the machine, but unfortunately I do not have the disk.
    You can tell me how to download the original installation disc?
    You can tell me how can I fix the keyboard problem?
    You can tell me what language should I apply the "keyboard" to solve this problem?
    I would be very grateful for the invaluable help that you want to give me.
    I await the favor of your great help.
    Best regards
    Rui Pinedo
  4. I don't know where to get the original installation disc. If it comes with your laptop and you lose/damage it, you can ask Sony for replacement. If it is an image and it is not working, ask Sony anyway. They probably give you a link to download the the OEM version of window to install. If you download all of the drive from the Sony driver page, I don't know what else to use. If your keyboard is a QWERTY, then us international is the layout. Could it be a hardware keyboard damage? Also I am will be very busy for the next couple of weeks so my reply could be slow.
  5. I will try to contact them.
    Thanks a lot for your kindness
    Best regards
    Rui pinedo
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