Can´t seem to pinpoint the problem...

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Usually I solve all my computer problems but this time I can´t even tell what is wrong here, and since this is my favorite site for hardware related info I decided to ask for help here...

The problem, briefly, is that when I moved from Windows Vista 64 to Windows 7 64 I got a major, very noticeable, slow down. Specially in video intensive apps like games and video benchmark (3DMark).

This post may get a little too long but that is because I want to list everything I have done and can be ruled out...

First off, I had windows vista 64 until recently and everything worked fine on it. That´s how I know that it´s not fine now, in windows 7.

What I have tried so far...

I have tried the last 3 nvidia drivers. Also tried using the driver that comes with Windows 7. No difference whatsoever, they all run slow.

I have upgraded every driver I found for my motherboard (JMicron, Atheros, Intel chipset). It runs slow with or without them. I tried combinations of them too, everything the same.

I have tried a clean install and running the game without upgrading any drivers and the games run as bad as when I upgrade everything.

Upgraded DirectX, obviously.

There was one odd occurrence though: When I was trying every combination of drivers I could, I uninstalled the JMicron drive of my motherboard and after that all went back to how it was on Windows Vista. Games were playing normally, 3DMark scores were normal, and I thought I had found the problem. I closed the game, did a few things away from the computer, when I went back and entered the game it was slow again. I reinstalled the JMicron driver, uninstalled, looked for older versions, all to no avail.

Also, I tried installing Windows Vista again, as dual boot, to test both system. Oddly, now, Windows Vista is running slow too. So, this may not be related to the system at all.

Hope this helps somehow.

My Specs:
Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT (1gb)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
4GB DDR2-800 RAM
ECS P45T-A Motherboard
Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive (7200RPM)
Windows 7 64-bit

Thanks for the patience.
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  1. Update.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling practically everything on my system, I haven't found where the problem is yet but I have a better idea now.

    It has something to do with IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

    Sometimes I uninstall or reinstall a driver and everything comes back to normal, but as soon as I restart it is slow again, even though the configuration doesn't seem to change. Also, there is not a specific configuration that always works, it seems random (well, it is random because I don´t know what is happening).

    I also tried updating the BIOS, it worked, until I restarted the system. 8(

    I am completely lost.

    Pleeeease, help. 8(

    I'm a attaching a screenshot of one configuration that worked...

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