Ukraine Wants ££ For Chernobyl

WTF, the Ukraine want us to contribute £43 million towards the cost of £640 million to put a new contamination shield over Chernobyl before the old one collapses.

I say get the Russians to stump up, it was their poor design and inadequate safety procedures that failed!

They should have plenty of £££, after fleecing the rest of Europe with evering increasing gas prices. :non:
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  1. Can't argue with that.
  2. I think they should be paying all the folks who bought STALKER thinking it would be a good game, after all it was based there so if it never happened folks like me wouldn't have wasted the cash on it.
  3. they designed the thing...they should pay for doing a horrible job at it
  4. I think the point is if the European community don't assist and contribute then you won't really know its being managed appropriately.

    A few million dollars by countries in the region to ensure the mess stays in one spot is peanuts.

    The mess the British created in Australia testing their small fission devices was cleaned up years ago ... and it still gets checked regularly.

    This isn't like poo ... the smell lingers a lot longer.
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