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Ahhh help me decide! Asus VG278HE vs Samsung S27A850

Hi everyone,

So im stuck in the final part of organising my new rig. I cant decide between these two monitors so I figured id put the question to the crowd.

Im buying this for my new gaming computer. Main use is gaming and movies. I play with photoshop sometimes but im far from a professional with it so just a good quality monitor is what im looking for, with a focus on the gaming experience. Essentially im looking to spend around the $500 mark on ym screen. Im looking for a 27" and either 120hz/1440p/3d as "extra features" which would be nice. Dont need all of them (havnt found one which does all of them) but im essentially weighing up which is important to me, and then considering my gloss/matte problem.

My computer sits in the corner of my room on my desk. Right next to my chair is a window where I get decent light into the room. Im abit worried about a gloss screen (my current is an older Acer 26" AL2616W matte monitor which is fine with the window open. So picture a L shape with computer on one arm of the L and the window on the other shining inwards).

I am using my old monitor for a double screen setup. I use my computer alot during the day with the window open because I write on the computer alot. Im abit worried about picking up a screen which is unusable within closing the curtains.

So a few criteria have lead me to these two monitors.


gloss vs matte - as I mentioned, alittle worried about gloss, but is it worth the risk for the gaming experience?

60hz vs 120 hz - 120 sounds nice, people say theres a smoothness to them which is nice but its not a requirement for me.

Response time - Both have sufficient response time for me. Im not a twitch/competitive gamer so I dont need to go IPS necessarily.

colour quality - the samsung seems to win easily in this category according to reviews. Again, im not a professional im just looking for a really nice experience.

1080p vs 1440p - 1440 sounds nice but not a requirement.

3d capable - I am really interested in trying out some 3d gaming. Ive never really been huge on it for movies but Id love ot see games like dues ex 3 or other story driven FPSs in 3d, I think it would make it even more immersive. Still do I want it bad enough to sacrifice features for it?



Asus VG278HE (The gaming monitor but will the glare from my window kill it?)

3d gaming (an entire class of feature missing from the samsung)
very low response time

Gloss screen (will it be glare filled and will I want to take it back an hour after I get it home?)
1080p (or just not a pro)
colour quality isnt rated as high as the samsung (but would I even notice?)

Samsung S27A850 (The "safe" (ie. Matte) option but am I giving up the chance to try out 3d gaming?)

1440p (will look nice gaming along with my gtx680)
high quality, great colours out of the box

no 3d

Note I had also previously considered the Samsung S27A950 but discounted it because of being gloss until now I guess im back to considering it.


So in the end I have two questions

1. How bad to glossy screens end up in a room near a window?

2. What do people think of 3d gaming. Any fans? I have no experience with it so im just really interested in giving it a try or being able to use it on my new rig. This will be my gaming monitor for 2-3 years likely. Does that mean blowing my monitor choice on a bad choice?

Thanks very much everyone!
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    I am a big fan of 3D gaming. One note about the ASUS option, it will only work well in 3D with an Nvidia card.

    I personally use matte screens so I have no experience with glossy. You may also want to look at the VG278H, which comes with the built in emitter and glasses, but is only 120hz. From the few searches I did, it appears to be matte.
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  3. THats so much for your input I ended up going with the VG278H. Waiting for it to be delivered now. as you mentioned it is Matte.

    I picked it because for gaming/movies the 1440p isnt very useful and gaming capability is a feature I will use more than requiring high quality graphic design capability.

    Im looking forward to playing with 3D gaming (though I am sure it wont excite me for that long) and its a nice addition to have 120Hz and fast G2G.

    I couldnt actually find it in Australia (they only stock the gloss model the VG278HE) so I had to order it via Amazon.

    Cheers for the help guys!
  4. Since 3D Vision is not always supported, and even when it is, there are often problems, there is a mod community that fixes a lot of games. With it, I have found many more games to use with 3D Vision.

    Bookmark it. That has really opened up my 3D gaming options.
  5. wow great thanks very much!!! will check it out. screen should get here soon, pretty excited!
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