Does 23" look better than 24"? VS238H-P v. VS248H-P

The monitors I'm focusing on are the
ASUS VS Series VS238H-P Black 23" :

ASUS VS248H-P Black 24" :

Both have the same specs and I've been searching and both are supposed to be pretty good. The question really is, does the picture quality look better on a smaller screen? I can't find the answer anywhere about this. I'm thinking the quality is better on the smaller screen but I may be wrong. Right now the price difference is only $20 so I'm not really worried about the price. Thanks in advance :D
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    There should be little difference bw the quality of a 23 inch vs 24 inch. Personally, I prefer 24 inch monitors since they are a bit larger.
  2. I just ordered the ASUS VS248H-P Black 24

    So i have had the ASUS VS248H-P for a couple of weeks now and i love the quality of my viewing experience now...I have it hooked up using HDMI cable...
  3. Should be no difference between the two except size, the only real situation where the size of the monitor can impact perceived image quality is when comparing a 1080p 27" to a 2560x1440 27".
    People who switch from the 1440p to 1080p monitor tend to notice the increased space between pixels, but its very much something you wouldn't notice unless your looking/used to it.
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