Acer x223w analog?instead of digital?

hey guys, i have an inquiry. my monitor acer x223w, under my windows 7 option states that its 1680 by 1050(analog). now this analog part confuses me because it has both a dvi-L port an a vga port, meaning it should say digital instead of analog. i have both ports connected to different pc's with the appropriate cables, vga cable and dvi-L dual link cable. so how do i get the windows 7 option to say its digital? all i did was connect the dvi-L cable to my vid card i didn't really download the drivers for the monitor but my pc automatically should do it right because its seeing the monitor? thanks guys.

my reasoning is that if u turn on a pc with the dvi-L cable(which is a digital cable) connected to the moniter it should say digital under the windows 7 displays/adaptors. but if u turn on the pc with the vga cable which is analog it should say analog right?????
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  1. Do you have the option to change the input from VGA to DVI? I'm not sure about this model but on some monitors you have to manually change the input from Analog to Digital. I looked at the manual and it appears there is an option to change the Input Source (it lists D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI as the options). Link to User Manual: Just type in X223w for the model number. According to the specs the supported resolutions are 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz.
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