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Help on choosing monitor 23/24 inch

Hey everybody, I just have a question.

Would you guys suggest a Dell S2340L or a Samsung S24B350H. I'm in my senior years of high school and won't be using the monitor for much gaming, however I still will occasionally play BF3 on the weekends. The Dell has a response time of 8ms and some people say they can notice ghosting during gaming while others say it's nothing. Also, I have a window next to my monitor which i keep open quite often during the day. The sun never directly shines into it though, so it just provides light (it's a north facing window). Would either monitor have too much glare? I'm just unsure about these two issues, because I cannot find a store which I can physically see the Dell monitor.

If you guys needs links:
Dell S2340L
Samsung S24B350H

Thanks in advance :)
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    Try this one:

    It's about the same price. Is IPS and has a matte display. So no worries about glare or viewing angles. I don't think you will have an issue with ghosting either. Just in case you want more info, check the user reviews on the site. Here is a pretty good review as well:

    I'm a casualish gamer. I play single player for the most part. Any fast paced multi-player is probably going to be MOBA. Not a fan of FPS all that much. And I'm thinking of buying this monitor. It's only on sale for the next 2 days, so better hurry.
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