Any opinion or experience with ASUS MX239H?

Anyone has some opinion about ASUS MX239H?
I still can not find the detailed review yet in the net.

I am thinking of buying this to replace my old 19" ASUS VW198T monitor, please see link below to see the spec of my current monitor:

40% office work, 30% watching movies, 30% gaming
Currently played games: Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Tropico 4, Torchlight 2

I saw it on ASUS' website...ASUS MX239H looks really sweet :) ... I just do not know how good or bad it is.

I would go for DELL Ultrasharp 2312HM since I have already seen good reviews but ASUS MX239H is way prettier and it got my attention too.
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  1. hmmm... still no reply?...
    It seems that ASUS MX239H is not yet popular... :(
    I guess I will wait until the full review is available in the net.
  2. Sh*, I am really confused...
    MX239H is more expensive, a lot prettier but U2312HM is cheaper and more flexible on the desk.
    I can adjust the monitors height, turn it 90', etc. with U2312HM.
    Both of them have a very good picture quality and no noticeable ghosting effects in my eyes.
    It is really hard to or ergonomics?
  3. I'm also looking into the ASUS MX239H myself. But I am not ready to commit to buy until I see more reviews on it. There is a lack of in-depth information regarding the Designo MX Series monitors. Perhaps they are still too new? From what I can tell, they were announced in August 2012, and released in November. I’m interested because there is not a thick plastic bezel, and while it would look great – it makes for easier cleaning and gives an overall clean look as it has a smooth surface to the edges. It stands apart from the crowd and has sort of a “futuristic” look to it.

    I'm holding out for Intel's Haswell architecture to come out in June before I seriously start putting together my new build. I'm sick of being stuck with a 19" 1440x900 resolution monitor. Time to upgrade! I hope there is more information on these monitors soon! Also, as a side note - too bad they didn't make the 27" variant 2560x1440. I'm sure they would make a killing if they priced it right.

    If you’re not in a rush, I would wait until there is more information regarding the product. A sound educated decision is well worth the wait, knowing that you spent your hard earned money in the right place. Sorry I couldn’t add much information to your search. You are not alone in seeking reviews and opinions on this monitor series. Best of luck!
  4. I just received my MX239H. I recently bought a HP Pavilion 23xi which specs are on par with the Asus but the anti glare coating was too aggressive and bothered me so I ended up getting the MX239H. MX239H has better build quality but unfortunately it has the anti-glare coating too so the screen is matte and not glossy. However it annoys me a little less than 23xi. I've connected both to my Macbook through VGA which is a shame but I couldn't get good/accurate colors(After numerous calibration tries) using Mac's HDMI port so I ended up with VGA.

    Its a hard decision but I think I will keep the MX239H and return the 23xi since overall colors on the Asus are more natural and live.
  5. @docken02: yes, you have apoint there. Let see if a revew will come in the next 3-4 weeks. I plan to buy one at the end of March. I still have time to consider which to buy :)

    @mehdis82: I already put 23xi out of my list along with ips234v from LG. I believe LG is the IPS manufacturer for other major brands but ips234v built quality is not as good as the others.
  6. @guanyu210379
    After working with it for a few hours and connecting it to a non-mac computer, I like it a lot and I shall say the build quality is def better than any monitor I've seen (except Apple). I had Dell ST2220 before this, and at work I have two dell u2312hm-s. Cannot compare them side by side here, but MX239h seems great. Although despite Asus marketing, audio quality is nothing special.

    Update: I found out that the backlight is not uniform. When I load a pure white image, I see a significant blue hue towards the left of the screen. The panel I got might be defective, The replacement is on its way so hopefully that one will be better.
  7. @ mehdis82:
    Thanks for info :)
    Please keep me updated if the replacement has arrived :)
  8. The replacement just arrived and it doesn't have any of the issues that the first monitor had, I think I'll keep this guys. In this price range, cannot find anything better than this.
  9. @mehdis82:
    Thanks, I also thinking to get mx239h instead of the u2312hm.
    Ergonomy is not that important at home.
    Let see if I can get the complete review until end of March.
    The review can still update my mind :)
  10. I changed my mind...
    I am ordering U2412M yesterday :)

    I accidentally found that 16:10 24" IPS and I like it a lot more than those 16:9.
    I is a bit overbudget but it worth it
    I can not wait to see when it will arrive. :)
  11. I have one, it's great, would REALLY reccomend it, been using for 3+ months and it is amazing. The image quality is superb, I use it for gaming and it is more than great
  12. My U2412M has arrived for about 3 weeks.
    It is a great monitor for the price.
    I used it for movies, photo editing, writing documents...and..playing games such as ME3, Star Craft 2, Skyrim, Torchlight 2 and Tropico 4.
    It has excellent image quality, adjustable stand, no ghosting effect, etc. :)
  13. Do not buy this monitor. I have bought it and within 8 months I got a huge blue tint on the left side of the screen. I RMA'd and they sent me a brand new one.. The same thing happened a few months later, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MONITOR. My brother also bought one and he had the same problem with his, he had to RMA it.
  14. AVOID THIS MONITOR. I had the same problem of @dyslecix, I bought it last year, and 6 months later it got a huge blue tint on left side, I RMA'd, so I got a new one thinking that my last experience was just bad luck.. 5 months later, a huge blue tint on the right side this time, so DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING THIS MONITOR. pd: I just created this account to say this because I'm really upset.
  15. Same problem of @dyslecix and @sporting975 , yesterday after 9 months of use, a huge blue hue covering half screen appeared on the left side...I'm RMA'ing it but I'm really disappointed and I fear the problem will comeback.
  16. i equal , after 11 months , is insupportable, today i am going to contact with asus and pccomponentes
  17. I've been using MX239H since last August and haven't faced the issue you guys have been facing. What I've experienced though, is a very very very minor stuttering effect while maximizing/minimizing windows. And most probably I've seen it happening only with Windows 7 and NOT XP.

    Does this have anything to do with Window 7 Aero or there's a calibration problem? Because I checked with both GB GTX 770 and onboard VGAs of two mobos (Asus B75M-A & P8H77-V LE). The same thing happens.

    I don't know how to calibrate it properly to ensure that I'm getting the best picture out of it. Not sure if calibration will solve this stuttering effect issue too. I still have 2 years' warranty left on it so if it's a monitor issue, I'll RMA it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
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