Monitor for graphic design NEED HELP

Can anyone compare this models:AOC i2367FH and LG 23" IPS237L-BN?Which one has better picture?I want to use it for graphic design...
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  1. Lg makes very good monitors and do make thier own panels so it would be a good choice to go with an Lg.
    The AOC monitor may get their panel from a supplier and you would have to know which one, if they make thier own then they may not be as good as an Lg.
  2. Go with the LG, if possible look for an IPS panel, I have the IPS224V and i don't have any complaints so far, Color reproduction is brilliant and it's good for gaming too.
  3. If you are limited on budget get IPS monitor from LG.
    If you have more, get monitors from DELL.
    DELL uses basically LG panels but with better quality control and better built quality.
    U2312 for example.
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