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Hi all,

I recently bought a Tektronix MSO2024B oscilloscope & an add-in module that lets me output the scope display to an external monitor via a VGA port & cable. Connecting this to the VGA input on a Sylvania LCD TV/DVD Combination monitor (Model #LD195SL8 A, manufactured in 2008) resulted in a decent representation centered in the middle of the monitor display, but it wasn't that much larger than the 7 inch scope display itself. I looked for ways to change the resolution settings on the scope or the monitor, but didn't find any adjustments on either.

I'd like some advice/education on my options to achieve a good enlarged reproduction of my scope's display onto an external monitor if possible. I'm willing to buy a new monitor for this task but am unsure at this point what to look for. From what I've been able to learn online lately, it appears that a monitor that has the same native resolution as the video signal I am sending to it (my scope's display resolution is "480 horizontal x 234 vertical pixels (WQVGA)") would be best. This resolution, however, appears to be used primarily for phones & test equipment these days, & obviously not for larger monitors. Perhaps a monitor with a native resolution close to a multiple the scope display's resolution (essentially 2:1) would work ok (if such a monitor exists)? Or maybe there are other ways to make this work?

I may end up taking the scope to Best Buy and searching for the best monitor/resolution combo I can find through trial and error, but maybe you guys can give me some pointers on what monitor specs to look for as a starting point (I'm not a video guru as I'm sure you can tell :).

Thanks for your help & God Bless...Blake
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  1. You need to find a good monitor that scales resolutions (expands the image to fill the screen). Almost all new ones should do that. Keep in mind that you will have huge pixilazation at that low resolution, it will basically use 3 pixels or each one. I don't know of a list that would tell you exactly which monitors have good built-in scaling, so find one you may want to get and check the specs.

    You may want to find a CRT monitor, but I am not sure if any of that type can scale with the image or will just display it smaller n the center. A CRT monitor will remain sharper at lower resolutions than an LCD would.
  2. Thanks for the response. I guess the one lcd monitor I have doesn't have resolution settings & just rolls with the native resolution so it displays my scope information using just a portion of the screen. I'll have to try and find a monitor that strikes a good balance between faithful reproduction and overall display size. Trying the scope in-store with various monitors might be my best bet to find something I'm happy with.

    Thanks again!
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