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Suggestions required for Monitors

I am about to finish building my first high end gaming system.
But I'm am unable to select a monitor specific to my needs. :(
I want the following things to be in a monitor
1]75Hz to 120Hz [Not necessarily for 3D Gaming but for Higher Frame Rates]
2]AH IPS or PLS or TN Panels [Main confusing point]
3]Lower Response Time
4]24" or 27" Size [Can't decide on the size]
5]I watch a lot of 720p or 1080p movies

Could anyone suggest a monitor which satisfies or atleast comes close to these points?
Price range: 500$ to800$
Preferable brands: ASUS,AOC,BenQ,Dell,HP & Samsung
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    in the usa panels are either 60hz (tn, ips, va) or 120hz (tn only)

    tn, va and e-ips panels are 6bit
    s-ips and p-ips are 8bit
    h-ips is 10bit

    a higher bit depth means that the monitor can display more colors. you can often see this in gradients. a low bit depth monitor may not produce a smooth gradient and it may instead look blotchy or speckled.

    ips monitors have a much wider viewing angle.

    for normal use 20-24 is more than good enough. you may want to sit back farther from a 27-30".

    response times are higher on ips panels but if you go with a well known brand and a decent product (should be fine in your price range) i doubt you will have issues.

    if you want the best quality out of your 1080p video you want a 1920x1080 native resolution.

    for $500-800 your budget is definitely large enough to purchase a s-ips or p-ips panel. i have seen the 30" dell 2560x resolution panel as cheap as $750 so perhaps this is also an option. its a very popular panel nowdays.

    dont exclude viewsonic professional ips panels from your selection. they have some very nice products.

    i would be wary of aoc, benq, and hp and do double the research and comparisons before purchasing any of them just to be safe.

    a h-ips panel may be out of your budget depending on what you are looking at. the average person doesnt need one either. s-ips or p-ips is more than enough and is definitely better than tn or va panels.


    in general a s-ips or p-ips panel at 1080p is likely to be best for your purposes however at the top end of your budget you may be able to get into a 2560x monitor.

    if you have a powerful computer or need the extra real estate this may be worthwhile. realize that video will not look quite as good as a 1080p (with 1080p content) but not by a huge margin and that for gaming or other activities more gpu power is required for the same framerates as a 1080p.

    if all you do is watch videos though, a 1080p panel is what you want. even for games 1080p is fine.
  2. Wow...that's a detailed perspective on monitors, thanks.
    I'll check out the ViewSonic ones too.
    BTW , I happened to came across Overlord Tempest and Yamakasi 27" 2560 x 1440 IPS 60Hz Monitors which can be overclocked to 120Hz given certain conditions.
    Are they any good?

    I do watch a lot of 1080p movies and I'm also into photography but I intend to play lots of graphics demanding games too @120Hz (min.) for higher frame rates in FullHD or may be even higher res. (depends on monitor).

    And anyways.....after searching and doing a lot of research I haven't found any such monitor out there which has IPS Panel @120Hz hence I think I'll wait till next year's CES when some companies start rolling out IPS 120Hz Monitors preferably AH IPS ones with 2-5ms response times.(I certainly hope so).

    Here are my system specs:
    1]Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 2133MHz C9 [4 x 4GB]
    2]Corsair Neutron Series GTX 240GB
    3]Corsair AX 860
    4]Corsair H100i
    5]Intel Core-i7 3770K
    6]ASUS P8Z77-V Premium
    7]ASUS GTX 680 DC2G 4GD5 [2x]
  3. "overclocked" monitors? smells of trouble to me. i wouldnt chance my own money on it.

    120hz minimum? this limits you to tn panels in current technology. i would compare 60hz and 120hz side by side before you make this call. personally i feel color bit depth and viewing angles are far superior to 120hz.

    i do like the idea of 120hz in a 8 or 10 bit ips panel however if they use a 6bit panel its not much of an improvement. what are you planning on doing in the meantime? with a brand new gaming rig you will need something to use and buying a cheap panel for temporary use is wasting money (in my opinion).
  4. Actually, I've read many threads regarding the overclocking of those monitors.
    They say these monitors have some high quality Japanese PCBs so they can be overclocked to 120Hz given that the Graphics Cards must be topmost model like GTX 680 etc.

    Anyways,getting back to point,
    I said 120Hz min. 'cause that's what is the min. today in most TN Panels and max. at 144Hz.
    So,as they introduce 120Hz IPS monitors they'd start with 120Hz (I think) 'cause we already have some with 75Hz to 85Hz IPS ones then slowly bring out more than 120Hz IPS monitors.

    I agree 6-bit would not be much improvement but lets hope they bring out at least 8-bit 120Hz IPS to start with,eh!
    For temp. use I've already bought a cheap 100$ ASUS VS197D monitor.
  5. as far as i know the monitors are only ran at 60hz or 120hz. the capability of the monitor to run at other frequencies is for use in foreign countries where the power supply is different (hence 50hz lcds in europe).

    of course i could be mistaken but everything i've seen, read and experienced has pointed towards this.


    remember that overclocking always carries risk even on high end parts. overclocking also tends to void warranties. while people frequently overclock, unless its required and you are ok with the consequences i typically say to avoid it in practice.


    remember it could just be 120hz like the tvs are (60 frames are fake, 60 frames are real) in which case it would be a detriment instead of an improvement. it would be nice as you say to have an 8bit ips panel in true 120hz without sacrificing any of the improvments ips offers. this is the key: to keep the quality they arleady have.
  6. Yeah,overclocking has its harms!
    And surely I'm not looking forward to that.

    All I can do for now is wait it out till next year and hope they bring out 8-bit AH-IPS 120Hz monitor which would be a boon to those demanding best of both worlds viz. Gaming & Entertainment.

    Thanks for all the info,it was really helpful for me to decide on my "monitor status".
    Appreciate it. :)
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  8. Great stuff here, ssddx. You have answered some of my questions as well.

    On thing: you say "realize that video will not look quite as good as a 1080p (with 1080p content) but not by a huge margin."

    Why won't the the video look quite as good as a 1080p?

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