LG IPS234V-PN or something else? please help ASAP!

Hi im sorry if this is in the wrong area but i badly need a new gaming PC monitor ive been talked into getting the LG IPS234V-PN but id like to know if there is anything better for around the same price? i dont know much about monitors but ive read alot of good things about this particular monitor and seen some good video's of it on youtube, i dont know what the ips is but people seem to make a big deal about it. Id just like a good large HD monitor for hardcore gaming if its possible?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi LvSLoLo, I've been eyeing this monitor also. From what I've found out is that the response time is actually 5ms and not 14ms as stated on LG's own website and many others including Newegg's. Also IPS monitors have way better colors and viewing angles. One draw back of IPS monitors is response times but it seems manufacturers are getting better at it compared to TN monitors. My friend bought a Dell U2312HM and I think its a really nice monitor but the LG is cheaper and in my opinion the design is better. If you do ever buy this monitor let me know what you think about it because I'm in the market to buy one and the LG IPS234V-PN is my first choice.
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