120hz + 60hz same time

i was about to buy new 120hz monitor for gaming and keep my old one for browsing watching videos etc while gaming, but i read somewhere that probably 120hz and 60hz monitors wont run same time, since GPU will give only one signal either 60 or 120 so i want to confirm it before i buy one
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  1. That is not true from what I recall. You can utilize both, at least with Nvidia cards, and I don't know why it would be different for AMD. You couldn't run games across both monitors, but I don't think you'd want to do that anyways. I also found 3D Vision was a little temperamental in that configuration.
  2. :OO really? thats nice lol
    nah i just want my secondary 60hz i have atm for chat/browsing etc while playing on the main 120hz if it works thats cooooooool :D

    and yea i have Nvidia 680 so if it works i'll just get 120hz instead of catleap lol
  3. please anyone confirm would be great
  4. I originally had my computer set up this way. It worked then. I don't know why it wouldn't still work.
  5. thanks boss!!^^
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