Best gaming pc case? 100£ max

First dilemma: (and still no anwer, but)
Now i want to know the best case in my budget. Thank you.
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  1. This will do : (there's also a version with window in the very website)

    And spend the rest of it on the 660 ti, if possible, over the 660 gtx(from the other thread).
  2. i want to be able to put water cooling after, so i think i need space for a radietor
  3. You can't go wrong with neither of those, though, the corsair 300R will do and it's cheaper, otherwise, the corsair 400R or the 500R, the 500R being slightly better.
    I recommend spending more on the gpu for gaming and just get the 300R.
    The HAF is also good, but i prefer the Corsair 300R or 400R over it.
    Also if it's one of those aio watercoolers, forget it, you can get about the same performance with an aircooler with less noise levels and no risks of leaks.
  4. so the 300r will do the jog? can i water cool and that kind of stuff? and if i get a big ass card it will fit?

    and more important question: will it last 10 or more years?
  5. It's a solid case, it depends on what kind of radiator will put in, it can support up to 240mm rads.
    The case will fit easily the 660 gtx or 660 ti, even in SLI(660 gtx x2 or 660 ti x2).
    As for the durability, it's hard to know, but a solid case like this one will last.
  6. A little over budget, but I have an HAF 932 advanced. I really like it. The 922 is nice too.
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